Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

4 Stars!
Amazon link- Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

I LOVE the cover of this book!

I am so baffled at my response for the last three books I’ve read. It is so unlike me to read a Young Adult/College Romance book and actually like it. But I’ve come to the conclusion that if done right, for me at least, then I will enjoy it very much.

This book definitely satisfied my love of an emotionally angst read. I do love those kind of reads very much especially if one of the characters is unfaithful to the other. Most people don’t…I guess I’m not most people then. I think it brings much more drama and tension to the storyline so I liked this book a lot….but yet I didn’t.

This is a rather lengthy novel, coming in at over 500 pages. I have no problem with the length, I’ve read books close to 1000 pages and read them multiple times. It’s the repetitive, drawn out relationship Kiera has with both Denny and Kellan that I started to irritate me, and don’t even get me started on all that blushing! This girl must be the color of tomato all the time with the nonstop blushing she did. The littlest, most insignificant thing would make her blush. It really got on my nerves. There is a lot of fat that could be cut from this book, probably a good 100-150 pages and it would have been a 5 star read. Unfortunately, I started to loath this book because of Kiera and her no regard for Denny or Kellan’s mental well being. My heart ached for both Kellan and Denny. She wanted both men to herself regardless of who she hurt along the way. Well, girlfriend, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, it just does not work like that.

This is another book that left me unable to form a decent review. In the end, I loved to hate this book and would still recommend it to friends.

One of my favorite singers is Gavin Degraw. His voice is so sensual and full of emotion, plus he writes his own music which makes me like him even more. I think this song would be great for this book. Gavin Degraw- She Holds A Key…

Or even this one! How beautiful is this? Gavin Degraw- Young Love…

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

 4 Stars!
Amazon link- Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

 Once I finish a book, I think about it for a few days and then write my review for it. Well, I’ve been pondering for days now and I still haven’t come up with much for it other than I liked it way more than I expected to considering it’s a young adult novel, and everyone knows I don’t do young adult. It is extremely rare that I will read a young adult book let alone actually like it. After reading this, it is now one of my favorite books.

The reasons why I don’t read young adult books is because I went to high school once and although I really did enjoy it, I don’t want to relive all the he-said-she-said crap. The story lines usually aren’t strong enough for me and there’s no romance in the books. Well, not the kind I like anyway. 🙂 Yet, this book did not feel young adult to me one bit and I found myself unable to put it down. There were so many emotions running through me that I even had tears in my eyes during some parts. Honestly? This book was a total mind f*ck (for me) and the relationship is quite disturbing between the hero and heroine, but I was still captivated by this story. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Our hero, Travis is beyond obsessed with, in love with and over protected of Abby, our heroine. The love Travis has for Abby is almost too much to bare. Every time I read about Travis, I couldn’t help but think of Ryan from The O.C., who was always throwing punches like Travis is in this book. Travis, like Ryan, is a bad boy.

(That’s Ryan from The O.C.)

There was one thing about this book that did irritate me to no end was the nickname Travis gave Abby; Pigeon or Pidge. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Anytime I have ever thought of a pigeon, I think of black birds that excrete themselves anywhere at anytime that live around lakes and ponds. I actually felt embarrassed when Travis used that nickname for Abby. Other than that, I did enjoy this book very much.

Also, I see a lot of people saying that the song ‘Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson would be perfect for this book. I beg to differ. I think the entire Adele album 21 would be way better for this book then a song that happens to have the same title as the book. Even better of a song would be ‘It Will Rain’ by Bruno Mars. You can feel the emotion of that song pouring over you the same way this book does did to me. I should also mention that if I had a 17 year old daughter, I would NOT want her to read this book even though it is geared toward that age. There is heavy drinking, sex (may not be graphic sex but it’s clearly there) and violence. But man oh man it was so damn good! Addicting is a better word for it.

I know this isn’t much of a review, it’s kind of a messy jumble of words, but I am at a loss of words for this book. I simply loved it.

I love this song. I listen to it all the time.
Bruno Mars- It Will Rain

Melt With You by Karen Erickson

 4 Stars!
Amazon link- Melt With You by Karen Erickson

There is something about Karen Erickson’s novellas/short stories that leave me feeling satisfied and content every time I read them, which is rare in a short read like this. She seems to know how to do it just right when it comes to the romance, storyline and characters to make it work and stick. And this one is no exception. Though it may be short, this was just what I was looking for in a quick steamy read.

We have a hot paramedic, Wes, who is known as the playboy. For the past year, Wes hasn’t held up to his name and has decided he wants to settle down soon. In comes sexy nurse, Lanie, who helps Wes out in an emergency situation. After moving and getting over a bad breakup, all Lanie wants is a quick steamy one time affair. But once united, will Lanie fight fate or will she take a chance with her sexy paramedic?

This is a very quick short read, at about 40 pages. As short as it may be, I did enjoy it very much. I seem to have a thing for Karen’s novellas/short stories (which is saying something since I’m not one to read novellas). There’s a very smooth, free flowing, comfortable feeling about her writing style and I like it a lot. I can only imagine how much I’ll like her full length stories. I bought another two novellas by her the other day and can not wait to read them as well.

Winners chosen and giveaways in the future!

First of all, I want apologize for not posting the winners for the two giveaways sooner. I was at a wake all day for a dear friend of mine whose bother passed away. We have been friends for the last 15 years (we met when we were 12) and I would do anything for her, even if it meant having to take three different means of public transportation just to get to her (and back), I did. In high heals no less. I am very sorry for posting this close to midnight, but better late than never. So I’ve decided to add an extra winner since I made you all wait so long. 🙂

Second of all, I want to thank everyone who came and commented on my blog. THANK YOU! This was my first giveaway and I was a little worried about how it would go. I honestly did not expect so many people to follow and comment! I wasn’t going to do a giveaway until January, but at the last minute I changed my mind and I’m so glad I did. Thank you again!

Finally, I hope you all come back and visit my blog again. I have some more giveaways I’m doing in early 2012. Some of them can not be said yet, because, well, I don’t want to jinx myself on this author that I may have here. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that everything will go through and she will be here. But once I know then you all will too. I did sign up to do a Lisa Kleypas blog hop and a Valentine’s blog hope, so I’m looking forward to that. I also said that when I reach 100 followers that I would do a giveaway for that too. I’m about half way.

Since I have so many friends from various groups, facebook and goodreads, I used to choose the winners to be fair. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I honestly don’t know if I used that site right but I think I did. So, without further ado, here are your winners:

$10.00 gift card to Samhain Publishing- June M.

Four For Christmas kindle book-  Elizabeth M. and Amandakgc and Regina

Winners, please email me at so I can get you your prizes asap. Thanks everyone!

Author of Four For Christmas- R.G. Alexander


Four For Christmas Giveaway!

Want to spice up your holiday season with a hot new read? Well, I have just the book for you. Four For Christmas by R.G. Alexander is officially out and just in time for Christmas! R.G. is fabulous author and part of the Smutketeers group. It’s so much fun over there in that amazing group of authors! I thought I would do a giveaway because the Smutketeers just wrapped up their 12 days of giveaways and gave lots of goodies out. So since many of you commented on my other giveaway I decided to add another. All you have to do is leave a comment below and follow this blog. The winner will be chosen on Thursday. Merry Christmas!

*There is still time left to enter the other contest below.
*This is a kindle book that will be given away.

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Have you been Naughty or Nice this year? Win a $10 Gift Certificate to Samhain Publishing!

I wish this was my tree! But I don’t think my hubby or little nuggets would go for it.

Have I been Naughty or Nice this year?  I guess that’s a question I’ll have to ask the hubby, but I don’t kiss and tell so I guess you’ll never know. 😉 I was going to wait until January to do a giveaway in hopes of getting more followers, but I’ve decided not to wait until then. I do tend to get very excited about upcoming *possible* events and want to shout them out, but, unfortunately I have to wait to finalize them before I can say anything. So in an effort to get more followers on my blog and of course the holiday season, I’ve decided to do a giveaway for a chance to win a $10.00 gift card to Samhain Publishing! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite book is and follow my blog. You must do both to be entered in the drawing. The contest ends Tuesday night and the winner will be chosen on Wednesday. 

I think a hot and steamy read (or two or maybe three?) from Samhain will warm you in all the right places this cold wintery season.

Happy Holidays! Oh, and my favorite book is Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward…in case you wanted to know.

$10 Gift Certificate – Samhain Publishing

Pleasure’s Edge by Eve Berlin

5 Stars!
Amazon link- Pleasure’s Edge by Eve Berlin

 For me, there’s nothing more sensual than a man softly caressing a woman’s body. And boy oh boy does Alec know what he’s doing!

If you’ve never read a BDSM book before and you want to, then this is the book for you. It’s almost a tutorial of the BDSM scene but also a romance story as well. You won’t be cringing and holding your breath in pain while reading this, like I have in the past. This book is a very enjoyable read and you won’t be able to put it down.

I was exceptionally surprised by this book. I’m not one to read BDSM novels, in fact, I very rarely do. The cover of this book caught my attention though and I was curious to find out more….and I’m so glad I did! Isn’t the cover of this book very rousing to look at? It may sound crazy when I say this, but you can feel the chemistry and sensuality flowing from the cover. I’m so glad I bought it in paperback!

I actually found out a friend had read and enjoyed this book very much. She highly recommended it to me saying that it’s not like all the other BDSM novels and to give it a try. And she was 100% right. This is definitely in a league of it’s own and nothing like the others in this genre. I’m very hesitant when it comes to BDSM reads simply because I don’t really understand it all. The whole idea of being beaten into orgasm isn’t all that enticing to me, or the whole roughness that is associated with it, but honestly, this author makes you almost want to try it out….almost. What’s so great about this book is that explains the lifestyle of BDSM yet there is a beautiful love story at the same time. It’s not really a lifestyle though, it’s more of a sexuality choice and there is nothing wrong with this kind of love making. Although it’s not for me, I did find it to be very intriguing and could not stop reading it.

Dylan, an erotic romance author, is looking for help with her next book. She is not very familiar with the BDSM scene and is told about a known Dom in the area that can help her named Alec. As she’s questioning him for her book, Alec makes her an offer. He tells her the only way to truly understand it all is to experience it; Alec wants her to submit to him. Dylan, being open about her sexuality, accepts but only if she can dominate Alec, insisting that she is a dom and not a submissive. After challenging each other, Dylan and Alec come to an agreement. If Dylan can not prove to be submissive, then she can dominate Alec. Little does Dylan know, after being with Alec once, her life will change irrevocably. She will find herself freed in more ways than one.

I’m not sure why, but I think this book is probably very sentimental to the author. There were a few times while reading this that I thought Dylan was actually Eve/Eden, but obviously written and changed into a fictional story. I could be wrong, but it’s just a feeling I had. There were some striking similarities throughout the entire story with Dylan and Eve/Eden. I enjoyed this book very much and the authors writing style. I will be getting the next book, Desire’s Edge very soon and more books by her as well.