Melt With You by Karen Erickson

 4 Stars!
Amazon link- Melt With You by Karen Erickson

There is something about Karen Erickson’s novellas/short stories that leave me feeling satisfied and content every time I read them, which is rare in a short read like this. She seems to know how to do it just right when it comes to the romance, storyline and characters to make it work and stick. And this one is no exception. Though it may be short, this was just what I was looking for in a quick steamy read.

We have a hot paramedic, Wes, who is known as the playboy. For the past year, Wes hasn’t held up to his name and has decided he wants to settle down soon. In comes sexy nurse, Lanie, who helps Wes out in an emergency situation. After moving and getting over a bad breakup, all Lanie wants is a quick steamy one time affair. But once united, will Lanie fight fate or will she take a chance with her sexy paramedic?

This is a very quick short read, at about 40 pages. As short as it may be, I did enjoy it very much. I seem to have a thing for Karen’s novellas/short stories (which is saying something since I’m not one to read novellas). There’s a very smooth, free flowing, comfortable feeling about her writing style and I like it a lot. I can only imagine how much I’ll like her full length stories. I bought another two novellas by her the other day and can not wait to read them as well.


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