Night Bird by Teresa Blue

Almost 3 stars

Where do I start? Maybe with the meaning I understood behind this story: Love is greater than death and may last for all eternity. 

After analyzing this short novella for a few hours, I hit that conclusion. This story is meant to be a romance. But to me it felt like it had to do more with eternal love, the mourning of loss and a new opportunity granted to the main character, Travis Howland, by a beautiful woman, Emma the “Night Bird”.

Travis is an enigmatic sailor who traveled through the South Pacific looking for sperm whales to bring oil back to his homeland in Maine. He is assaulted by his father’s enemy and killed in the deep sea. After he dies, Emma appears and (bites?) him, giving him back his life (for a few days?). I couldn’t help but picture a little bit of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean when he was sailing the South Pacific.

One thing I have to give Teresa Blue kudos for is the delicate writing style she has. I really enjoy a descriptive journey through the scenes. The setting was incredible to read.

Personally, I wished the author would have included more details….it left me trying to figure out some things. There was enough room to add a romance scene, which I think is possibly missing from this book.  I would have liked to learn more of the characters background. After all that happens, I can only imagine Emma is a ghost/spirit/shapeshifter? I would’ve loved to understand her origins and not only a small description of what happened to her and how she became what she is. Why would she be able to grant Travis “the gift”? And WHAT exactly is the gift? Who and exactly WHAT was Emma? I have to admit, I failed to understand some parts of this story. It’s like I missed something….but yet it was the conclusion of the novel….


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