Kallypso Masters- Rescue Me Series

Have you ever gotten so excited for a book that you plan what you’re going to read and when you’ll finish it, so when the time does come for your anticipated release you’ll be ready? Well, I do. I’m nutty like that.

At the moment, all I can think about is Savi and Damien’s story. I can hardly focus on anything at all because I want this story soooooo bad!

Damien and Savis story is called Nobody’s Perfect and it’s written by Kallypso Masters. If you haven’t heard of Kally yet, then you really need to check her out. She is a FANTASTIC author with three books out and the forth book coming soon.

Kallypso is a self-published author who writes erotic romance (BDSM) with emotionally addictive (hot!) stories. She also happens to have a big following in so little time. I think one of the reasons she has such a big following is because she interacts with her fans- she’s there for them whenever they call. Kally GIVES her fans the time and day and that means a lot to us readers. I first found her through a friend, Francesca from Under the Covers Book Blog. All I remember Francesca telling me is that she really liked the books and I need to give them a chance – fast – so I did. I devoured the first three books in very little time. Now, I am impatiently awaiting the release of the fourth book, Nobody’s Perfect.

I hope after reading this short little post that you’ll give Kallypso a chance, just like I did. I promise you, you won’t be sorry. 

Oh, and one thing you need to know about Kally’s Rescue Me Series-  they ARE NOT stand alone books. You will be utterly confused if you pick up the third book instead of the first. Good thing is, Master At Arms, the first book in her series is now FREE and will be forever!! Woohoo! Go Kally!

Damien and Savi’s Story!!



4 thoughts on “Kallypso Masters- Rescue Me Series

  1. I could not agree more!!! These books are amazing, great stories. I love Kally so much, she may have to get a restraining order on me for stalking, LOL. The first book MASTERS AT ARMS was different, no HEA or even HFN, but you have to read this to learn about the guys and to get a little insight in them. I too am very eager to read NOBODY'S PERFECT. I know that it will be a very emotionally intense story that will be well written and just make me love Kally more.
    Anyone who has not read these, please run and do so now!!! You will not be sorry. If you like romances with BDSM you will LOVE these!!!

  2. Loved, loved, loved these books and can't wait for Damien and Savi's story. Kally is a wonderful author and I'm glad I kept going after Masters At Arms (which did throw me with no HEA or HFN) because she's given me the HEA or HFN (Marc, I'm talking to you!) I need in a romance. I agree – run, don't walk, to get these books!

  3. I downloaded “Master at Arms” last week. Thank you for the review. I will put this as my next book TBR. Well, have to get to my reading! 🙂

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