Review: Dust of my Wings by Carrie Ann Ryan

Shade may be an angel, but only by physical definition – you know, the wings and all – but he doesn’t live in Heaven, and he definitely doesn’t behave like an “angel”.  He’s got his own past to overcome from the Angelic Wars, and it makes for a somewhat tortured hero, though not as much as Ambrose; I’m looking forward to his story!  Lily is a quirky heroine, making her pretty unique.  For being a big bad warrior, Lily certainly seems to bring out the softer side of Shade.  
The villain was your typical power-hungry maniac thinking he can take over and reign supreme if only he can remove two warrior obstacles.  He sometimes reminded me of a cartoon baddie up to dastardly deeds.  I often half expected him to do the “muahahaha” laugh.  Goofy, I know.  
The conflict, while believable, just felt a little on the weak side.  I won’t complain though as it made for a fairly light-hearted read (not counting when Shade talks about what he and Ambrose lost in during the Angelic Wars, I about cried there).  The best part about this book is actually the supernatural element.  The concept of there being so many different types of creatures and the underlying promise that we’ll get to meet many more of them, makes for a fun, interesting story.  

Overall, the romance was sweet and sensual, the ending was satisfying on several levels, and it leaves you waiting happily for more to come.  Dust of My Wings is a good start to a new series from Carrie Ann Ryan, and I look forward to more!


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