Review: Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha

This is the first dystopian erotic romance that I’ve read and I’ll keep reading cause I love me some of this!

In the future, hopefully not near, there is a place called Eden. Where basically you can’t do shit (drink, fornicate, watch porn, wear provocative clothes, etc…) because if you do these plus others you get kicked out to the Sectors. The Sectors are many, where they basically do what the hell they want (drink, fight, do illegal stuff, fornicate…excuse me, fuck I mean) and they do it with no shame at all.

Noelle gets kicked out of Eden from her councilman father after she is caught doing what she’s not allowed and she finds herself on the streets of Sector Four. The Broken Circle. She’s being followed by a strange guy who drugs her. She bumps into Jasper, right hand man to Dallas, leader of Sector Four. Jasper, who is kind hearted, takes Noelle back to where he lives with his other friends and fellow gang members so she can recover. They have instant attraction but Jasper doesn’t do anything until Noelle “finds” herself. She’s free to but she doesn’t know what she wants cause she feels nothing but shame when she has thoughts, dirty thoughts that is. Noelle’s story is about sexual discovery and I enjoyed the ride.

All I can say is that the sex is smokin’! There’s a scene at the tattoo shop that is an OMG moment. Nothing dirty dirty but it involves two men and Noelle and it’s good stuff. In this story will have orgies, menages, girl/girl…not a fan of those but I got to admit it was good. Guy and girl but no male and male…maybe in the future books? *hint hint, wink wink* Spanking, hair pulling and good ol fashion bang bang banging…all the good stuff and more. Oh! And cage fighters. Ya gotta love cage fighters! Alpha men. We have Alpha men who I am excited to read more about. Bren, Ace, Dallas, Maddox and more. There’s also some bad ass chicas that give as good as the men do. Lexi being the main one.

Favorite lines/moments:
“What if I don’t want to be in charge?” “Then you get ink. Because once you submit to a man, really submit, he’s not gonna want to let you go.” She wet her lips, suddenly uncertain. “But how do I keep from doing that before I’m supposed to?” “You give pleasure, not yourself.”
This was a message, all right, but it wasn’t a fuck you, or even a look at what you lost, dumbass. It was a declaration, of independence and self-possession. Noelle’s power, the spark of will that had always lurked inside her, in flames on the stage. And she was beautiful.
Jasper held her gaze, his eyes blazing. Intense. “Do you need me?” She wet her lips. “I can survive without you, but it’s only that. Surviving. I want to live.”

Will I be reading more of this series…FO SHO! Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Review: Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha

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