Review: Down To You by M. Leighton

It’s not what you want, but what you need. Would you be able to choose?


I found a new author and I am in love!

Olivia Townsend is just like any other girl trying to make something of her life. She goes to college, works on the weekends and helps take care of her father. She’s just plain old Olivia- to herself that is. Definitely not to twin brothers Nash and Cash Davenport. Definitely not the them.

After briefly meeting Olivia on separate occasions, both Cash and Nash think Olivia is not only insanely gorgeous with sexy curves, but she’s smart and has a sharp tongue on top of it. Olivia’s quick wit and way about herself is what they want- both want, but can’t have. Olivia finds herself instantly attracted not only to Nash, but Cash as well. One brother is what she needs, but the other…is what she wants. The only thing stopping Olivia from going after them? Nash is already taken by her pompous cousin Marissa, and Cash is the one thing that she promised herself to never to go after again.

Down To You was a quick and fast read for me. Why, you ask? Simply because I could not put it down! It was smokin’ hot with addicting characters and an emotional storyline (my favorite!) that I could not get enough of. The beginning started off a little rocky for me, but I think it was due to the authors writing style. I found it to be a bit stilted at times with the punctuation slightly off, but clearly it wasn’t enough to stop me. No way was I stopping with brothers like Nash and Cash!

There are three point of views in this book, and trust me, it worked so well in this story. Each chapter was a new point of view and we were made aware of it too. I loved reading each view! It was great getting inside their minds and seeing where they were at. This is really a story that could use the different point of views too because of the twist that I didn’t see coming. It was totally shocked and it was slightly heartbreaking, but I didn’t ball my eyes out from it and it didn’t make me want to punch my kindle. It was just..sad in a way.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and found myself wishing it was longer. The end of the book ends with a suspenseful cliffhanger and now I’m going to have to hunt the author to find out when the next book comes out. I’ve been eying a few of the authors other books for some time. After reading this one, I can’t wait to check the others out now.

Favorite lines:

“She is the triple-S trifecta- spoiled, snobby and snide.”

“I want to paper cut her. On every square inch of her body. And then roll her in salt water.”

“Don’t get me started on her. I will cut a bitch!”

“I have ovaries; therefore I repel all things mechanical.”

“There’s an unsavory term for that- a guy forcing a girl to do sexual things. But what is it they say? You can’t rape the willing. And I’d be willing. Oh, how I’d be willing.” -Olivia about Nash

Where did you get that dress?
I stole it from a homeless person,” I say straight-faced. “She was lying right beside the stripper that gave you yours.”

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