Reviewed: Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

If you have not read Slammed yet, stop reading this review! No matter how hard I try not to give spoilers away, unfortunately, in this review there possibly will be some.

Point of Retreat picks up a year after Lake’s life changed when she moved to Michigan with her mother and her brother. She is now the Guardian to her younger brother after her mom died and the relationship between her and Will is going strong.

Will and Lake help each other out with raising their younger brothers. They love each other very much and are getting ready to go to the next level; pretty much perfect, right? Well, perfect until someone from Will’s past stirs up trouble and causes Lake to wonder why Will is really with her in the first place. Will knows that he loves Lake and when she walked away it made him get creative in getting Lake to spend time with him. Lake believes Will loves her, but she thinks it is due to their common circumstance. She is stubborn too and poor Will, when he thinks everything is okay, she shoots him down again.

Will made me fall in love with him with the way he shows Lake how much she means to him. It was, in my opinion, perfect. Just when you think everything is going to work out and be happily ever after again, BAM, something else happens; this time it is extremely serious.

I loved this book for totally different reasons than I loved Slammed. While there is still some poetry in this book, it is not like in Slammed. It is Will’s perspective that we are shown, not Lake’s, so you get to feel what he is feeling. The antics of their nontraditional family still make you laugh and cry. It shows it’s not always the girls that are the most lovey dovey, emotional ones in relationships; guys can be that way too, but shhhh… I know most guys don’t want that secret to be made public. Overall Point of Retreat is butterflying great (read the book and you will know what butterflying means )

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