Review: Starkissed by Brynna Gabrielson

Sydney Kane is the one Kane sister everyone always forgets about, she is the complete opposite in looks from her 5 other sisters.  She is not Miss Popular in school and is happy that way.  She has had the biggest crush on Colin, an exboyfriend of her sister Ava, and just wants him to notice her in more than a friend way.  Her life gets turned upside down when she gets kissed while in New York and somehow her picture ends up all over the papers, tv and internet.

Grant West is one of the hottest actors currently, and he wants to date Sydney.  He likes Syd for her and tries to convince her to give him a shot.  He wants a normal girlfriend, not someone just interested in his fame and money, and in his mind, that someone is Sydney all the way.

I really liked this story.  I liked how Sydney had no clue who Grant was and was just being herself.  She figured he is just some really hot guy that she will never see again, but keeps thinking about the kiss they shared.  When she finds out who she kissed, you would think she would be happy, but she hates it.  She has gone from the no body to Miss Popular overnight and she knows it is because everyone thinks she is dating Grant.  Her sisters are pissed, and her dad is extremely pissed because of Grant’s age and Sydney being plastered all over the media.  All she wants is Colin to notice her and want her and Grant to tell everyone that they are not dating and to get out of her life.

Grant seemed like a really good guy.  I won’t lie and say what he pulled isn’t the best thing he could have done, but I think he was drawn to Sydney from the first time he saw her and couldn’t help himself.  I was really rooting for Grant to win her heart and show her he was the one for her not Colin.  I did get a little ticked off when he walks away from Sydney and what he says, but I can also understand why he does it.

Sydney made me proud when she made Grant hear what she had to say.  I loved that she finally found herself and that her sisters where the ones to help her.  She figured out what she wanted and wasn’t going to back down.  She didn’t let the fake friends ruin her and never changed who she was.  I really hope that the author continues their story or makes this into a series, because I would read it for sure.


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