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Hey Noel and Lanie, welcome to My Secret Romance! I’m so excited to have you here after reading your story and loving it! Michelle has decided to allow me to interview both of you! How sweet of her. So, what you can tell me about each other that we wouldn’t know?
Noel: *Looks at Lane and waggles his eyebrows*
Lane: Don’t you dare tell them anything private.
Noel: *Laughs* I think they pretty much know every intimate detail about us. They’ve practically already seen our sex tape.
Lane: *Shakes head*
Noel: *Pats Lane’s leg* Relax, babe. I was only going to tell them that I love you now more than ever.
Lane: *Smiles and places her hand on top of Noel’s*

Why should people read Rock the Heart? Give it to me Twitter style- 160 characters or less.

Noel: *Grins* I can be shorter than that. Lane’s hot naked.
Lane: *Elbows Noel in ribs* It’s a sweet love story.

Noel, can you give us a dirty secret about your band mates? Please! I won’t tell them.

Noel: Tyke and Trip don’t share very well. They fight over things as small as the last slice of pizza to who called dibs on what chick first. They are ridiculous at times.

Tell us about your tattoos, Noel. Any personal ones?
Noel: The one on my back, the cross, is for faith. I believe you have to have it in all aspects of the unknown. The star on my shoulder I got when I signed my first record deal. It was my lame attempt to remind me someday I’d be a star and prove everybody wrong about me. Those are the two that mean the most to me. As far as personal ones…I plan on getting a very personal one soon.
Lanie, what you do think of when you see Noel without a shirt covered in tats?
Lane: I think he looks pretty amazing.
Noel: *Smiles* She loves me for my abs.

Ever have the urge to take your tongue and trace them?
Lane: *Rubs her neck and looks at Noel. A slight blush on her cheeks* I can’t answer that.
Noel: Why not? It’s a simple question.
Lane: One you want to know the answer too, no doubt.
Noel: Hell yeah, I want to know. If you ever feel the urge to lick anything on my body, you know I WILL make that happen for you.
Lane: *Bites lip* Yeah, Taryn. I do get that sometimes.
Noel: *Readjusts in his seat* Damn! How much longer do we have to be here?

Noel, do you ever plan on reconciling with your father? I would think with Lanie’s father gone that it would make more of an impact on your relationship with him. Or is it that far gone that you can’t ever see it being cordial again?
Noel: *Shrugs* I’m not making the first move there. He needs to come to me. Sounds cold, I know, but I’m not giving in on that.
Lane: *Pats Noel’s hand* He’ll come around one day.

Noel, if Lanie came with a warning label, what would it say? Lanie, what about Noel?

Noel: Caution: Hot *winks at Lane*
Lane: *giggles* You’re an idiot. Um, I would say for Noel, Warning: Volatile Contents.
Noel: *Raises an eyebrow* Volatile contents? What’s that suppose to mean?
Lane: How quickly are you always ready to fight?
Noel: *Relaxes in chair a little* Touché.

Lanie, is it rough with Noel being on the road so much with his band and the herds of women going after him?
Lane: I haven’t really had to deal with that yet. I’m still on the bus with him at the moment. I’m sure it’ll be tough, but we’ll make it.
Noel: Who says you have to leave?
Lane: Don’t start that again.
Noel: Okay, okay. You’re right.

Noel, what is it about Lanie that turns you on? Why Lanie? I know while reading Rock the Heart, Lanie just could not fathom how you could want someone like her. Tell us what you see in her.
Noel: Have you seen this girl? She seriously hot. She’s funny, and she can kick a little ass, which is so damn sexy.
Lane: That’s why you liked me?
Noel: *Nods* It all started with that fight over the Barbie in third grade. You weren’t afraid to stand up for yourself. I couldn’t help but be drawn to you.

Lighting Speed Section!
Soft and sensual or up against the wall?
Lane: Both with Noel are amazing. I can’t pick just one way.
Noel: Aw, babe. That’s what I was going to say. You totally stole my line.
Beach or Snow?
Noel: Beach
Lane: Beach. Cold weather sucks.
Noel: Ditto that!
Mixed drink or Wine?
Noel: Neither. I drink Beer. Mixed drinks make me puke like a mother.
Lane: I like mixed drinks, but beer is great too.

A remote cabin or a swanky suite?
Noel: A cabin
Lane: Really?
Noel: Absolutely, as long as it has a dock. I’m rather fond of those.
Lane: *smiles* Me too.
Books or Movies?
Noel: Movies. I have no patience to spend hours on a story.
Lane: *Rolls eyes* How unromantic of you. Books.
Favorite quote?
Noel: “Graze on my lips; and if those hills be dry, stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie. “—William Shakespeare
Lane: That’s deep. I didn’t know you took Shakespeare so seriously.
Noel: It was dirty. I was happy to be allowed to talk about sex in class and not get in trouble over it.

Favorite book?
Lane: Twilight
Noel: Are you fucking kidding me? You like those sparkling ass vampires?
Lane: Edward is sexy.
Noel: *Quirks eyebrow* I thought you said I was the sexiest man you’d ever seen.
Lane: You are the sexiest real man I’ve ever seen. Edward Cullen is a fictional character. Girls love to dream about hot, fictional men.
Noel: *Lips pull into a sexy grin* I’m ready to get you out of here and remind you just how hot real men are. You’ll say “Edward who” when I’m done with you.

Thanks so much for being here today guys!

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