Every Which Way Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Every Which Way is a light yet emotional debut novel from Independent author Calia Read. I truly enjoyed this book!

Severine is the All-American girl next door. She’s strong willed, feisty, and quick witted. She’s on a steady track in college when she’s faced with a slight dilemma. She meets two guys: One she secretly wants, that she knows is wrong for her and could possibly break her heart. The other is the safe route, the kind of guy that she needs in her life who wouldn’t hurt her.

The problem? They’re brothers, and they despise each other.

You know how that makes me feel 

When Severine meets both brothers, there is a connection with each, but on different levels. One brother is genuinely drawn to Severine’s beauty and brains, but he’s on guard when she shows interest in him. Most of the women go for his brother so he was standoffish and pushed her away as much as possible. But when Severine’s unwavering personality doesn’t back down, he goes for her. There’s a gentle kind of love with him that makes being with him easy.

 The chemistry with the other brother is thick right from the start. They’re so right for each other in so many wrong ways. Severine knows his kind and steers clear as much as possible. He’s an egotistical cocky athlete, yet in some strange way he’s caring and has the utmost concern for her in mind, so he backs off. The heat between them is crackling and they turn to each other for support during a difficult time in their lives. But how much longer can these underlying feeling between them stay submitted? They’re both ticking time bombs waiting to go off.

Oh where do I start! I liked so much about this book, but the last 30% or so really did me in emotionally. It was when the tension was kicked up about 50 notches- it made me want to scream and cry happy tears, naturally. Normally I’m yelling at the male for screwing up, but this time I was yelling at Severine. Well, I yelled at the male too and called him every name in the book, but I wanted to bitch slap Severine at one point. She was messing everything up! I see why she was on reserve and worried how others would perceive her, but just let it go woman! Just let it go and be with him already! He wants you, you want him. Go make babies! Or go practice making them! It was so exasperating!

 Severine’s character is not the usual kind of female I go for. I found myself put off at first because of her unshakable personality. But the more I read, the more I liked her and saw what a steady woman she was. She’s like a hard-boiled egg with the shell intact. She’s solid on the outside and soft-yet still firm-on the inside. Stupid analogy, I know, but it’s the only thing I could come up with. It came to the point where I was wishing I was as strong as her.

Macsen and Thayer are brothers who don’t get along for reasons them stem from childhood. It made me sad to read what they went through and why they were so at odds with each other. They live together but hardly communicate so there’s a great deal of tension between them. I liked both of them, but one of them I loved more. Can you guess which? 🙂 Actually, the more I think about it, the more I liked the other brother. He was a real jerk towards the end. I totally took pleasure in the friction between and when they were on the pages together. LOVED IT!

The romance scenes were a little light in my opinion and I expected a bit more, but it was still enough to satisfy me. I know there will be a second book and I’m really looking forward to, especially with the way this one ended. Sooo much that could happen! I’m so glad I finally had the chance to read this book. I had been eying it since I saw it popped up on my radar and all of my expectations were met- except for the small amount of romance scenes.

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13 thoughts on “Every Which Way Blog Tour & Giveaway!

  1. Good review – not my favorite kind of love triangle because I hate to see a damaged relationship between brothers hurt even more but this does sound like an interesting book

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