Giveaway & Review with Charles Sheehan-Miles

Alex Thompson is a Pre-Law student at Columbia University who is still trying to mend the broken heart the love of her life gave her six months prior. She doesn’t understand why he completely cut off all communication with her without an explanation. Maybe everyone is right, maybe its finally time for her to move on and forget about Dylan. Alex is also dealing with a family friend who attempted to rape her and keeps getting in her face.

Dylan Paris is attempting to rebuild his life after being seriously injured while in Afghanistan, trying to rebuild his leg that he almost lost, trying to rebuild his education by attending Columbia University, and trying to rebuild the heart that Alex broke. On top of all of that he is also trying to control his symptoms of PTSD, that he knows will be with him likely for the rest of his life.

What neither Alex nor Dylan ever expected was to be working on the same work study project together. After a rough start for them, they slowly begin to become friends despite the past that is pulling them together, but can they fall in love all over again?

First I want to say thank you to the author of this book for showing the true nature of war and what sadly has become the outcome more often then not of our troops when they return home from war. I am a military wife, my husband has been to Iraq twice, and while he talks a little about it to me, I know the things he has done and has seen has changed him forever. Luckily he has come home uninjured physically so my prayers have always been answered, but living this life you see the outcomes of those who came home hurt or those who didn’t make it home at all. He does however suffer mildly from PTSD.

Ok, now on to the review. I loved this story. I love how neither ever stopped loving the other person even with all the bullshit they have gone through. Alex wanted Dylan no matter what and was willing to help him out in any way, whether it was being a running partner, someone to talk to or just being there. Dylan, poor Dylan, he was bitter, angry and struggling because he not only had his leg injury in a way holding him back, he also had the effect he suffered from the brain injury. He didn’t give up. I did laugh when I read about him and what he did to his laptop when him and Alex broke up, but then I cried because of what happened afterwards. When the air between them was finally cleared and the truth about the night they broke up came out I was so happy, because they deserve to be happy and together after all they have suffered through. Alex needed a hero, and Dylan was that hero, not only a war hero, but he protected her when she needed it the most.

Dylan needed to accept aspects of his past with his family and from when he was at war before he in a way could begin to heal. He kept pushing Alex away and until she finally stood up and said enough is enough. Once that happened he knew what he had to fight for… he had to fight for Alex.

I shed more than a few tears while reading this book, but it is not a make you cry the entire time type of book, it is this is a reality of war veterans and those they love type of book. I regret putting off reading this book as long as I did because it is a very good book, one that gives hope and one that is eye opening at the same time.

Charles has generously offered to giveaway a signed paperback of his book. Please enter the giveaway using the tool below. Thank you and good luck! //


25 thoughts on “Giveaway & Review with Charles Sheehan-Miles

  1. Wonderful review! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Janna!
    I purchased this one a few days ago on my Kindle, but have not yet had a chance to read it. After reading this, I will be moving it up my TBR! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great book. I just read by Laura Kaye about a guy with some PTSD issues, ONE NIGHT WITH A HERO. I think this type of fiction will help raise awareness of this issue and especially with more of our men and women returning home. And, thanks to you, military spouses. You all sacrifice so much as well.

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