Giveaway with Correene Callahan!

“And out of the ashes seven warriors shall rise. Bringers of death, they shall wreak vengeance upon the earth, until shadow is driven into darkness and only the light remains.”

And so it begins, the seven are together and they will bring death and wreak vengeance upon the earth!

Afina is a wonderful heroine. She is sensitive without being weak, she’s strong without being hard-hearted, she’s loving and kind and most importantly forgiving and understanding. I REALLY liked her and found myself cheering her on as she found her way in life. She struggled with her magic as her power came to her but she never feared her power. She accepted it and moved on. She often felt like she had brought hardship to others or put them in danger, but that is the way a sensitive person would feel. But she managed to do this without being whiny or playing the woe is me card.

Xavian is tough as nails and slowly learns to let go and let Afina into his life. She snuck in under his defenses when he wasn’t looking. But once she was there, he kept her close to his heart.

This was an amazing story with so many twists and turns in it. I never felt like it was taking the predictable path. I was never sure what was going to happen next and I loved it! We have a high priestess with magical powers, deadly assassins, shape-shifting dragons, deceit from some and unwavering loyalty from others. We have secrets revealed and others yet to be discovered.

The only drawback I found with this book was the sheer amount of information I received. Since this is the first in a series there was a lot of background information for us to get in this story. There were also a lot of new characters that we had to meet. It took me some time to get everyone straight in my mind. Once that happened I was flying through the book. The following books will be easier since I already have most of the background information and know who the main players in the series are.

I am eagerly awaiting the second book in this series and I’m wondering whose story we get next. I want to know what each of their mates brings to the battle. We already know what the seven warriors bring, now we need to find out what their mates bring!

Coreene Callahan has a way with words that draws the reader into the world she has woven and not letting them go until the very end. Knight Awakened in fast paced and full of suspense. Ms. Callahan manages to keep the reader on the edge of their seats.

I have found YET ANOTHER series to follow! I am not sure how I am going to keep up with them all! On top of that, none of my authors can write fast enough to keep me from screaming with impatience! I need the next one NOW!



30 thoughts on “Giveaway with Correene Callahan!

  1. This book sounds good. Love the cover. This is also a new author for me, I love to read and always looking for new authors to check out. Thanks for the great giveaway.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

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