Review: Siren Song by A.C. Warneke

HOLY HOT HELL BATMAN!  This is one HOT story!

Lexi is an enigmatic character that lives life to the fullest and takes a no hold barred attitude. She wear outlandish outfits and doesn’t take crap from anybody. I want to be her when I grow up! Of course, Lexi is a Siren, she just doesn’t know it…..YET!
Duncan is the typical Alpha Wolf that has to control everything around him. Then he meets Lexi and all bets are off!
From the moment I started reading this story I was HOOKED! Right off the bat Lexi is doing body shots with her roommate and bar owner. Duncan decides to do a body shot off her and it was GAME ON! Unfortunately for him, Lexi passed out before they could do the deed.
Over the next several weeks, the attraction between them grew astronomically. They were a combustible item looking for a place to explode. Every time they got in the same room with each other the sparks flew!
This is a very straightforward story without much suspense or suffering. The sexual tension was phenomenal I would have liked to have had more suspense in the story. I’m really hoping there will be more in this series. There are some wonderful periphery characters that should get their own stories.


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