Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt: Anya Millar

Hello! Welcome to My Secret Romance!! Louie, I’m so happy Anya allowed you to be here today for an interview. 🙂
Thank you for inviting me into your space, Taryn. It’s lovely.

Louie, can you tell us a little about your story- twitter style 160 or less. Go!
Twitter style? How quaint.
Ex-lover and fully bound servant to Anya, one of the most deadly yet loving immortals in existence. We don’t agree with the diet but I will serve her wishes, always.

Where do you live? Can you describe it to us? Is it where you call home?

I now live in at the House Millar. Mistress Anya bought a large bed and breakfast and converted it for our needs. My lover Simon and I stay there on the grounds. It is the first place I have truly called home in well over a century.
It’s a larger Victorian mansion on the outskirts of Ithaca, NY. Instead of trying to describe it, I will let you see it through Anya’s eyes.

The ornate oak doors opened into a small foyer leading into a large living room with a flagstone fireplace and cooking hearth. The wrought iron tools included a quaint little pot hook that would swing out. The flooring was all in light oak with a large rug in the centre. Looking around we noticed the leaded glass upper half of the double windows and a high vaulted ceiling, making this room inviting, to me at least. The grand staircase caught my attention as the newel post at the bottom of the oak banister had an intricately carved lion at the top, with claws at the bottom. The stairs were hardwood with a runner down the middle, held in place by polished brass rods at the back of each step. Off the main living space was a cute open access room with huge windows.

I started up the stairs but Nicholas grabbed my shoulder.

“Love, shouldn’t we check things like the dining and cooking areas? It’s important for Declán.”
“True, it’s just all so beautiful.”
The formal dining area held a large oval, dark maple table with ten high back chairs. The accents were two moderate wrought iron chandeliers above the table and a buffet built into one wall. The kitchen was moderate in size with a separate pantry off to the side.
There was a small staircase here leading up to the second floor as well, useful. There were many other rooms including, to my joy, a library.
“Can we go peek upstairs now?” I teased lightly. “I think we may have found what we need, mo mhuirnín.”
Upstairs was a long hall with four bedrooms, each with a private bath. There was also a sitting room between the two smaller suites and a curving staircase up to the third floor. There were three more suites there with a small common area. “This can be our area,” Nicholas suggested. “One for each of us with a group area for hanging out together or having the girls over.”

I sighed happily. “That sounds wonderful!” Just need to check the basement and then meet back up with Jonathan. “Oh, wait. On the way back down I want to take pictures of the different rooms and areas so the others can see and start planning their makeovers.” I could not help the grin that seemed permanent; things were working out nicely. A beautiful home, all three humans in college – worked out well since they are not in the same one but both are in the same town – and tons of beautiful natural areas for hunting.

“Sounds perfect. Let’s go tell Jonathan.” I had to keep a hold of Nicholas when we got back down to where the human woman was as he was so excited he was moving a tad too fast.

Are your senses more highly developed than others?
As a vampire, yes, my senses are more developed. However, there are some of my kind that are more than me and others that are less. But, I can hear your heart race from hear and smell the taste of your blood in the air, if that’s what you mean. Don’t worry, cher, I don’t harm humans so you are safe from me and the others in our House.

Would you say you are a pessimist or an optimist?

Depends on the decade 😉 For the most part, I am an optimist, but living as long as have tends to show me the depravity not only of my kind, but of yours as well. The human capacity to harm your own kind, is terrifying if you truly think about it. But I believe that humanity, on the whole, is still good and worthy of being protected.

Trust is not something that comes easily for me. How do you learn to trust those around you?

I do not trust many, never have. I am an artist and a political power in my world, so I know how often a smile means they are simply trying to distract so you miss the knife they are trying to place in your back. However, I have learned to follow my heart and let it lead me. So far, so good.
I trust Anya, Simon, and our extended family. But then, all that serve her and are part of her House are bound by her power to not betray us… makes trusting them a little easier, lol.
What’s your biggest fear?
Loosing Simon or Anya. Having lost her once before, I know that pain already and have no wish to ever suffer it again. Loosing Simon would be just as bad. I can’t even fathom loosing them both!
Can we change the topic now please?
What is something we wouldn’t know about you, Louie?
Ha-ha. There are many things you wouldn’t know about me, cher. But, something you don’t know… It was quite difficult to be around Nicholas and Declan right at first because they had the love of my Anya, while she had been gone from me for over a century. The fact I have my own lover now, a male I love very much, did not lessen the pain of watching them be happy while I had to be only a lesser friend—one she didn’t remember from her past.
Do you have your eye on anyone at the moment? What is it about her that attracts you?
LOL, No! I think Simon as my mate and Anya as my mistress are more than enough for any being. There is no way to answer your second question. It would be easier to explain what does not attract me to either of my loves. They are who hold my heart. Simple as that.
Louie, do you believe in happily ever after?
Oh, yes. I don’t believe it happens often, sadly, but I believe it happens. It has to me. I have my mate and my mistress and both love me in return. That is my fairytale come true.
If you were to come with a warning label, what would it say?
My fangs are the least of your worries. Beware of my loyalty, for it shall eviscerate all who seeks to harm my loves.
Do you think redemption is possible? If so, can anyone be redeemed, or are there only certain circumstances that can be?
I am not sure what you believe I need redemption from, Taryn. I know some believe vampires are evil, and many are, but I protect those I can. I know when you first meet me in the stories, my eyes are the black-voids of the killers, but that is not completely true. I only killed and fed upon the wicked among your kind. The murders, rapists, child abusers, and the like… never the kind, good, beloved ones.
I do not even feed on the wicked now, Anya forbids it, but even so, I do not believe killing evil is something for which I need redemption.
Thank you so much for being here today!!
Thank you, my cher! It was lovely stopping by, and your site has given me many great ideas 😉 I hope you and your readers have a wonderful holiday, no matter which they celebrate.
*Louie takes Taryn’s hand, bends over it and brushes his lips against the back lightly.* Until next time, cher.

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