Blog Tour: The Proposal by Katie Ashley

If you have not read the Proposition yet stop reading this review now! There are spoilers about The Proposition.

The Proposal picks up almost right where we left off in The Proposition. Emma has walked away from Aidan after catching him with another woman and is trying to move on with her life. She is heart broken that Aidan attempted to have sex with another woman on the day her ultra sound was scheduled, but is determined to move on without him. Aidan knows he fucked up, he wants Emma and the baby in his life and has tried relentlessly to win her back. 

Emma is with Patrick, Aidan’s father, when he has chest pains and is rushed to the hospital. While waiting at the hospital, she meets Patrick’s doctor, Dr. Alpesh Nadeen.

Pesh is attracted to Emma and wants to get to know her. He doesn’t care if she’s pregnant with Aidan’s baby; he just knows that she is something special and wants a chance. Emma is on bed-rest due to early labor and is forced to stay with Aidan because she can’t be left alone. She isn’t going to cut the baby from Aidan’s family, she is close to them and loves them all. She is especially close with Patrick.

Even though Emma is staying at Aiden’s house, Pesh still arranges to visit her. Will Emma move on from Aiden and begin a relationship with Pesh? Or will Aidan be able to win her back and prove that he does love her and only wants to be with her, and no one else?

OMG I could not wait for this book to come out! When I finished The Propositio,n I think I screamed, threw a tantrum (even putting my 18 month old to shame), and used every curse word in a variety of creative combinations to show how upset I was at the cliffhanger! really enjoyed how Ms. Ashley picked the story right back up, like she didn’t miss a beat! 

I felt both Emma and Aidan’s pain. Emma loved Aidan so much and when he betrayed her like he did, I honestly didn’t think they could move on from it. Personally, if I had caught my man with someone else I wouldn’t have been as calm, and he sure as hell would have needed multiple ice packs for his balls, but that’s just me. Aidan did what any male who knows they fucked up should do; he begged, pleaded, sent flowers, sent gifts, took care of Emma when she was on bedrest, and worked to earn her back. Oh boy, for a second there I thought he was going to commit murder when Emma was around Pesh. I have give it up to Aidan though, he never gave up and I love that he didn’t. 

I love how Emma made Aidan work to earn her forgiveness and for a place in the baby’s life. With Pesh in the picture, will Emma go with the safe relationship with Pesh, or will she go back to Aidan, the one who has her heart?

I loved Casey’s names for Aidan, some of them are now in my vocabulary. Can you say twatwaffle and douchenozzle? LOVE THEM! Seriously she was like a pit bull when it came to how she felt about Aidan being back in the picture. But that’s what a best friend is for, right? Well, that and ball shots with purses.

I honestly devoured this book in a day, it was that good! Katie Ashley is now in my top ten must read authors. The Proposal was worth the wait and in my opinion, is the perfect ending for this love story.

Hi John, Percy and Georgie! My name is Janna, and I’m going to ask you questions about your Uncle Aiden today. Are you ready for some fun questions?

What is it that you like best about Uncle Aidan?

John: I like his pool

Percy: Seriously? That’s your answer.

John:  Okay, fine, I like that I can myself around him, and he doesn’t give me much shit about it

Georgie: *eyes widening * You said a bad word!

John: You squeal to mom, and I’ll smack the crap out of you.

Percy: Real smart, ace, considering everyone in the just interview heard you say it! *shakes his head and then looks at Janna* I love the fact that Uncle Aidan actually spends time with us. He’s always willing to help me with my swimming. 

 Is there anything that you don’t like about him? I promise not to tell. 🙂

John: Yeah, right, like we believe that one.

Percy: *laughing* I enjoy his pool too much to stay anything bad about him.

Georgie: He’s the best uncle I have!

John, do you want to be like your Uncle when you get older?

*with a grin* You mean like a ladies man? Yeah, I’m cool with that! I also wanna make a lot of money like he does and have a sweet ride like his Mercedes!

Percy, your Uncle Aidan is a swimmer. Do you like to swim? Would you want to be a swimmer, too?

Yeah, I love to swim. I’m on a team at the YMCA, and I hope to be an All-State Swimmer, just like Uncle Aidan was. Maybe even get a scholarship.

Georgie, can you tell me three fun things you like to do with your Uncle?

*fidgets in his chair* Hmm, well, I like to go swimming at his pool. And I like it when he puts the top down on his convertible and takes me to get ice cream. Oh, and he got me a puppy like Beau.

John: *snickers* Yeah, Mom loved him for that! *Percy joins in laughing*

What do you all think of Emma? Is she pretty? Do you want her to be your Aunt one day?

Georgie: She’s sweet and nice, and she smells good too.

Percy:   *nodding* I really want her to be my aunt because she’s good to keep Uncle Aidan in line…like when he wasn’t going to let us come swimming, she let us.

John: *with a wicked grin* I think she’s smoking hot.

Percy: *rolls his eyes* You’re disgusting.

Do you think your Uncle Aiden loves her?

Percy: I do, but he just needs to man up.

John: Yeah, he’s afraid of being tied down. I can see why. I mean, one girl the rest of your life…where’s the fun in that?

How do you feel about having a new baby cousin on the way? Are you going to help with the baby? Feeding, clothing…and changing diapers? 😉

Percy:  With all of our mom’s sisters, our family is pretty big so it’s really not that exciting. I mean, there’s our baby cousin Mason, and he’s pretty cool.  And I’m sure that Noah will be a neat kid because he’s Uncle Aidan’s. ..and Emma’s.

John: *wrinkling his nose* Noah is their baby, and they can deal with him. I mean, I’ll play with him when he gets older and can throw a football around. But when he’s just lying around, taking up space, meh, not interested.

Percy: *elbowing John* You’re a jerk!

John:  *rolls eyes* Whatever

Georgie: I got to feel Noah kick, and I can’t wait to see him when he’s born. Mommy’s promised to take us to the hospital when he’s born. I even get to go in the middle of the night if that’s when he’s born!



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