Blog Tour: Three Stages of Love: Lust

Evangeline “Eva” Cross is a successful business woman who must have control of every aspect of her life. She doesn’t ever want to give up her life or everything she has worked so hard for, for marriage or a family. She refuses to lose herself; so she never lets a man get too close. She doesn’t want a relationship. She wants to have fun and have hot sex.

Alexander Mason, Eva’s boss, has her in fits; both angry and horny ones. She wants him sexually but hates him at the same time. Alexander wants Evangeline for more than just sex. He knows there is more between them, but can he get her to finally open up her eyes and see that she can have love and a career or will she let fear ruin what is happening between them? Will Eva have to live with regret for the rest of her life, not because she loses her career, but because she pushes away true love with her actions?

Wow this book had some serious hot scenes in it! The sexual chemistry between Eva and Alexander could ignite into flames at any moment. I loved how even when Eva was being a complete cold hearted bitch and smart ass to Alexander, he gave as good as he got. Alexander didn’t take her shit, but he knew when to back off and not push. Eva has some serious hang ups about love and cannot stand to not control how her life plays out. She doesn’t want to end up like her mother; sacrificing her career for a husband and family. She can be selfish but at the same time be there when her friends need her. She wants to continue to push Alexander away, but enjoys their time together. She can be a major bitch, an understatement actually. When a heart breaking moment occurs in Eva’s life, she resorts to her old bitch self and pushes Alexander away. Will Alexander forgive Evangeline, or has she finally succeeded in pushing him away for good and making the biggest mistake in her life by doing so?

Normally I am waiting for the Hero in the book to make things right, but this time I am on the edge of my seat wondering if the Heroine can fix the mistakes she has made. I am interested in seeing how this story is going to play out, as it will be continued in the next book.

T.C. Anthony will be giving away two copies of her book, Three Stages of Lust: Lust, two to people. Please leave a comment below for the author and your email address. I cannot contact the winner without it. You can also LIKE T.C. Anthony on facebook  & My Secret Romance on facebook too. Contest will run until Friday. Thanks & Good Luck!


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