Savin’ Me

Kat Owens has moved away from Charlotte NC to accept a position at a small marketing agency, Sinclair Marketing Group or SMG. This is a fresh start for Kat, a chance to earn the VP position that would finally prove to her family that she is doing something with her life, not just floating by like her parents think. While at a party for SMG, Kat runs into Erik Monteague, the one night stand from thirteen months ago that she hasn’t been able to forget or move on from. Kat doesn’t have time to be distracted by Erik, she needs to reach her goal, and unfortunately a man in her life doesn’t fit into that goal at this time.

Erik Monteague, owner of Monteague Boating, is a client of SMG. Erik can’t believe that Kat is in the same room as him after all this time. He is the one who normally walks away, but when she left from their one night together before he woke up, he thought he would never see her again. Erik is a typical playboy, he doesn’t do relationships anymore, not since ten years before when he lost his almost fiancé. There is something about Kat though, something that keeps him wanting more, but his past won’t let him.

 The way that Kat and Erik interacted was believable and not forced. You could tell that the passion they shared that single night all those months ago hadn’t died in the tiniest bit, and when they would get together again the passion would ignite, and it did! I loved when Kat didn’t take anyone’s shit, especially from Elise, Kat’s nemesis and her message to Erik was hysterical. Kat felt that until she made VP she would never make her family proud, especially her Granddad (which I loved that she called him that because that was what I called my grandpa).

I felt for Erik, the incident that happened ten years before really did serious damage. He had short term affairs, never any form of relationship since that time, and never wanted more until he was with Kat. He tried to keep his feelings from forming into more and when he failed at that, he did the typical guy thing, he pushed Kat away. When his past almost recreates itself with Kat, he finally opens his eyes to see that he needs Kat in his life and that she has helped him heal.

 This is the first book in the Heat Wave series, and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the rest of this series. I was able to read this is one afternoon; I can only do that if the book really draws me in, and Savin’ Me drew me in from the start.

*****Savin’ Me is currently free until the end of this week!!!******


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