Review: Last Call by Alannah Lynne

Callie Holden is the daughter of Holden Enterprises CEO, Max Holden. She has been in love with Gavin McLeod since she was a teenager. She just wants Gavin to notice her and think of her the same way that she does him; however Gavin has no interests romantically or sexually towards Callie. Can Callie come to grips that Gavin will never be hers or will she try to sabotage any relationship Gavin may have?

Gavin McLeod thought he knew which direction his life was taking; he has his career on track as the next CEO of Holden Enterprises and he is financially stable enough to help his Granddad out. That is, until one sexy bartender has him tied in knots when he is sent to check out the bar she works at to possibly use as an inspiration for a future resort. Little does Gavin know his whole world will be turned upside-down when he finds out the true reason for being sent to the Blackout. Will he do his job or will he help Sunny keep her bar?

Sunny Black is more than just a sexy and sassy bartender, she owns the Blackout along with her younger brother. She is immediately attracted to Gavin when he walks into her bar along with three other women who he seems to not even care about. When she finds out Gavin’s real reason for being in her bar she needs to decide if he is really there for her or for her bar. She isn’t going to sell her bar for any reason, even if that means the time she spends with Gavin will be limited. 

Gavin seemed to have lost himself in a way and Sunny brought him back to the real him. He had special memories of the town that the Blackout is in; he used to go there with his Granddad when he was a kid. She was the perfect fit for Gavin. I loved how she wasn’t backing down from her “I’m not selling” stance. She wasn’t going to let anyone bully away what she has worked so damn hard for. She wasn’t ashamed about wanting Gavin sexually; hell those two could set some sheets on fire for sure. I think I may have to use some peppermint schnapps in the near future as well (read the book and you will understand what I mean hehe). Gavin doesn’t want to lose Sunny or let Max Holden get his way, he is determined to make Max back off even if it costs him his job.

Callie just seemed like a spoiled rotten princess. Gavin was never mean to her, even though he could have been after some of the stunts she pulled. But, when her eyes are opened to a lot of different situations regarding her father I was proud of her for standing up for herself. She deserves to be happy and I hope in the future we will see a book about Callie.

I am really enjoying how this series is coming to life. While this book and Savin’ Me are not tied together, you briefly see how it will all begin to come together in future books. I definitely recommend adding this series to your TBR piles. I am so anxious to see what the future of this series is and some of the characters are.

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