Review: Lost to You by A.L. Jackson

Christian Davison was the type of guy Elizabeth Ayers should never get involved with. She knows he will end up adding her to the list of girls he has hooked up with since he arrived in New York City. She is very attracted to him, but recognizes that Christian needs a friend so that is what she is determined to be to him. Just. A. Friend.

Christian instantly knows there is something different about the attraction he feels for Elizabeth. He can’t get her out of his head. He is determined to be friends with her, even though he knows he wants more. They grow closer and closer every day, they are each other’s best friend. But, the attraction between the two is intensifying as well.

What will happen if they finally let each other give in? Will it ruin their friendship? Or, will they be lost to each other?

I was enthralled with this book. I loved seeing how Christian fell in love with Elizabeth, and how he knew almost from the start that there was something different with her. Elizabeth knew to guard herself around Christian, but how can you guard your heart from someone when it knows it’s already been taken?

Lost To You is the prequel to Take This Regret. Take This Regret was the first book I had ever read by A.L. Jackson, and it blew me away. Lost To You is what all we fans have been waiting for, the beginning of Christian and Elizabeth’s relationship, before the hurt and heartbreak. When they finally gave in to the feelings they both shared, I cried. I cried because for those of us who have read Take This Regret, we know what is about to come. In my opinion, I would read Take This Regretfirst and then read Lost To You, that way you can truly understand why the pain and hurt they suffered was so deep. A. L. Jackson has done it again with Lost To You. Read it, I promise you won’t regret it!

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