Blog Tour: Running on Empty by L.B. Simmons

Oh My Goodness!

This is a bring your own box of Kleenex book. I cried and cried. It was wonderful, it was sad, it was sweet, it was bittersweet. It broke my heart and filled me up at the same time.

Growing up Blake and Alex were best friends. Then Derek moved to town and Alex left Blake behind. But Blake continued to love Alex. He never stopped. He walked away from Alex and left her to Derek, because he loved her.

Three years ago Derek died and left Alex with three beautiful girls. She’s been running on empty ever since. She takes care of her three girls and goes through the motions of living life.

Then Blake rides back into her life. And slowly, over time, Alex starts to feel again. The numbness starts to fall away and it’s all because of Blake. But Alex isn’t ready for this. At least that’s what she tells herself. She keeps Blake at arms length. But her girls welcome him in. They recognize that he makes their mom happy and they’re all for her being happy again.

Will Alex let Blake in? Will Alex let herself be happy?

Even though I cried through almost the entire book, I loved the whole thing! It was wonderful. It makes you sit up and take notice that life is short. Live it to the fullest. Grab life by the horns and enjoy it.

This is one of those books that’s powerful and sticks with you long after you put it down. I know I’ll be thinking of it as I crawl into bed with my DH and as I look in on my kids as they sleep at night.

 L.B. Simmons is giving away one copy of her book-signed-to one lucky person. Please leave a comment for L.B. and your email address so I can contact the winner. Thank you and Good Luck!


28 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Running on Empty by L.B. Simmons

  1. L.B., you know I think Running on Empty is an AMAZING book. I have shouted it from my FB, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble! I would absolutely LOVE to win my very own signed paperback copy!! 🙂 My fingers and toes will stay crossed! ;)Thanks for the giveaway, L.B. and My Secret Romance!!

  2. I'm so excited to read this book! I added it to my list a few weeks ago and hope to read it soon! Thanks for the chance to win! saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

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