Author Spotlight: Blind Obsession EXCLUSIVE Excerpt!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 
I am very happy to be part of Ella’s Valentine’s Day events! I’ve recently read Ella Frank’s books, and all I have to say is that I wish I would have read her books earlier! They are AMAZINGdefinite favorites! No joke. 
Here is an exclusive excerpt from Blind Obsession that Ella picked out to share from her upcoming novel!
Disclaimer: This is anunedited excerpt from Blind Obsession. Wording may change or differ after fulledits.
Phillipetraced his fingers down Gemma’s cheek, along her jaw line and then finally slidthe back of his fingers down her throat. When he reached the neck of hersweater he slipped a finger inside running it along the curve where it dippeddown low, leaving the material to hang loosely between her breasts. Breasts hehad to admit he suddenly wanted to see naked.
Gemma ceased talking and was standing so still he could barely tell she wasbreathing as she let her eyes drop to his mouth. He could tell she was curious,but oh so cautious.
Her eyes couldn’t lie though – they were telling him she wanted to fuck, andshe wanted to fuck hard. Well he could accommodate her, Phillipe thought as heslid his hand around behind her neck pulling her forward. She stumbled andplaced her hands up on his chest. He could feel her nails as she flexed herfingers for better purchase.
“You want my trust?” he demanded, this time sliding his free hand down betweentheir bodies to cup her sex. He watched her mouth part on a needy moan andinstead of answering she nodded.
“I don’t trust journalists.” he told her grinding his palm against her hotcovered pussy.
“Then how..”
“Shh Gemma.” he murmured and immediately she complied. “Let’s compromise.”
Her eyes focused on his mouth before they slid shut and she squeezed her thighsaround his hand. “Compromise?”
“An exchange of trust.” he explained rubbing the heel of his palm against thefabric directly covering her clit. “I don’t think that’s too much to ask, doyou?”
Her green eyes blinked once, and when they opened he noticed her pupils haddilated.
Gemma was aroused, and as Phillipe stood there cupping the back of her neckwith his hand while his other was wedged snuggly between strong thighs, shecontinued to move against him like a cat in heat.
Heobserved her pulse as it fluttered at the base of her throat before his eyesmoved to her moist, pink lips that were now slightly parted. All he could thinkof was how fucking perfect they would look wrapped around his cock.
Perfect, plump, fuckable lips.
He lowered his mouth to hers and suggested against those very lips, “I thinkfor you to understand this story, you must first become part of it.”
Her breath escaped her on a small gasp and he couldn’thelp but bite her quivering bottom lip. She looked close to climax, close toscreaming for him. As he released her mouth, she trembled, panting softly asshe told him. “I don’t understand what you mean.”
And there you have it! What do you think about this steamy excerpt from her Blind Obsession? I cannot wait to read this book! I just know it’ll be great! And that cover… just beautiful!



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