Review: Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian

Welcome to life after First Dawn and the ideal of a peaceful world:

Vampires co exist with humans.

Vampires are no threat for society.

Vampires wish only harmony among their own kind and others.

Vampires live normal lives like anybody else in the 21st century.

Not really.

Lucan Thorne is still, after all these years, the indisputable leader of the elite vampire army known as The Order. Lucan breathes, eats, sleeps and dreams about his race, he dies every day and every night he can’t manage to unify and complete the goal he had set the day he decided to speak openly about his race as a special guest at no other assembly but the United Nations.

It’s really hard to believe that twenty years have passed since that day and not only Lucan is still struggling to achieve his greatest mission, but all Breed members. Many things have happened and this story is only the beginning of a new era, a new journey through a world that still struggles to admit vampires among humanity and vampires willing to overcome any obstacle to achieve that goal.

Edge of Dawn became my second favorite Midnight Breed novel, only after Ashes of Midnight from the moment I completed the first few pages.

This is the story of Mira and Kellan Archer, who as you may remember, was rescued along with his grandfather after Dragos and his evil army destroyed his Darkhaven. Kellan was only a boy back then, a very troubled boy who lost his parents and life as he knew it became a battle itself. Deep inside, Kellan wanted his own revenge and he set his mind to that one goal not knowing that along the road he would find the greatest of all loves: Mira, who loved him since the day he first arrived at the Order’s compound in Boston.

As you may also recall, Mira is that little girl with the amazing talent of revealing the future through her eyes. Whoever looks at her will instantly know how his or her life will turn and for that reason alone, Mira became a high commodity for the men who had her captive along with Renata back in Veil of Midnight. Mira was an 8 year old seer with an extraordinary talent who found in Renata the mother she never had and when Renata fell in love with Nikolai, she found a set of adoptive parents who loved her unconditionally and protected her against everything. Twenty years later Mira is a warrior highly trained to fight with The Order; with only one thing in mind: revenge.

Eight years ago, Mira and Kellan finally sealed their love on a night full of passion and revelations; but their joy only lasted what took dawn to arrive and the world crashed down on Mira in the worst possible way. What Mira doesn’t know is that there is more to the story than the ashes of an old warehouse and a heart broken into a million pieces. Kellan and Mira will have to break barriers; fight a war that they thought was ending, and mostly forgive themselves before they can win back the love they thought would never be theirs again.

Nothing is like it seems to be after First Dawn. Kellan knows this. Mira knows this. Passion and a love beyond reason will be unchained and as well as in her previous installments, Mrs. Adrian delivers only the greatest pleasure and emotions. This book is like a fresh start, similar only to the magnificent one she gave us back in Midnight Kiss; a simply fabulous return to our beloved Breed and the new beginning of an era full of battles, hot sexy vampires and majestic love stories.


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