Review: Ruining Me by Nicole Reed

Ruining Me brought out a multitude of emotions in me. At times it left me feeling downright bi-polar. I was happy, sad, outraged, and heartbroken all at the turn of a page. My stomach was in such turmoil knowing something was coming. What that something was turned out to be more than I anticipated.

A vile, repulsive, disgusting, nightmare clings darkly to Jay’s life. She’s kept it hidden for so long; cutting herself off from everyone. But one slips through and cracks the protective shell she has built. Soon her fortress is tumbling down. Her long harbored secrets are spilled for all to see. The shame and humiliation aren’t enough though. Fate can be a low-down dirty bitch and she’s not done with Jay yet. Things have been set in motion. Her pain is not her own. The rippling effects rock those around her. Broken and despaired, how much further can she sink?

My heart wept for Jay. The secrets she kept buried were consuming her. For two years she withdrew herself from everyone around her that ever mattered. She was damaged and alone; suffering in silence, believing it was for the best. She jumped from bed to bed, only allowing no strings attached, one-night stands as a means of control over her life. Out of the blue, Kane enters the picture. The intensity of the attraction she feels for him gives him the capability of breaking her down and making her want a future again. Kane feels it too and doesn’t give up when she tries to push away. JT, her longtime sweetheart, never stopped yearning for the girl who owned his heart. Unaware of her reasons for retreating, he feels enough time has passed and is determined to get his girl back. Torn between her past, present and tightly guarded secrets, Jay must decide on her future. Just when she’s decided to finally move forward her life is ripped to shreds all over again.

In the final moments, I saw the end coming. While tightly gripping my eReader, I silently prayed that Ms. Reed wouldn’t take us there, but she did. She took us there and so much further. I was too much in shock to cry at this point; my heart and mind had disengaged. I was left speechless. Of course the only remedy for me was to quickly shut this book and open the sequel.


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