Review: True LOVE Story by Willow Aster

I saw all the hype. I went with the hype. I was not disappointed with the hype but with that being said, for ME, it wasn’t a jaw dropping, AH-MAY-ZING (seriously stop using that phrase) story. It’s not a bad read, but when I read a book, I like to relate to the heroine and I just couldn’t relate to her so it wasn’t for ME. *shrugs shoulders* Don’t take this as slamming the author or story. It’s just my opinion. I still recommend it. Either you agree or disagree, read the book and post your review. BOOM. On to the story…
When we meet Sparrow (awesome name) she’s at the airport waiting for her flight. She’s sees Ian. The man who completely devastated her heart, body and soul. As fate plays along, they are seated next to each other and start conversation. He tries to get her back and she almost caves in until she remembers their past. With Sparrow’s last line of, “How’s Laila?” you know he hurt her bad.

Cue in 5+ years ago…Sparrow is in a relationship with Michael, good looking-parents absolutely adore-great guy- but he does nothing for her. She grew up “sheltered” plus she’s an innocent (virgin) who kinda wants to be “free”. She’s moving to NYC for schooling along with her BFF Tessa, who I adored. LOVE BFF!
On a dinner outing, Sparrow meets Ian Sterling. He’s a musician and Sparrow is instantly attracted to him AND vice versa. They meet yet again and have this great chemistry but then Ian goes cold on her. Sparrow doesn’t understand this but I could see this a mile away.

Ian and Sparrow meet up off and on thru many months. They get along perfectly when they’re together but when Ian is hot and cold with her, it gets tiresome. He gives great kisses then he can flip the switch and he’s distant and Sparrow doesn’t understand his emotions. He tells her he’s bad news but she doesn’t believe him. Was he bad news. NAH. He just needed to get his mind straight which takes a long ass time for him to do. When Ian decides to see Sparrow she is royally pissed at him. He comes back thinking they will just go along as they always do until she sets him straight. They finally make a commitment with each other but he suggests that she still sees other people cause he wants her to experience more of life since he’s nine years older than her. At this point Ima thinking…you gonna be faithful to me while I go and do what you suggest? You think I’m a fool?

I see their attraction and chemistry. I won’t lie and say it’s not there. I get on how Sparrow could fall in love with Ian. I get how Ian fell in love with Sparrow.

They are together for more than a year and all is going well, or so we think. Sparrow keeps having these dreams about Ian and a certain someone. When she asks him…“When do you think you’ll be over Laila?”…you know the SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN. It’s heartbreaking. Did I cry? No. Did it suck to see how Sparrow and Ian became with his decisions? Yes.
This is the first story I’ve read where you can see how much the man regretted cheating with the woman. Ian begs for Sparrows forgiveness is heartbreaking but over done. His letters to her were sad. Some made since and some didn’t. What I also liked was that it took YEARS for Sparrow to finally forgive him. Him staying celebate while she fucked around was a nice change. It’s usually the other way around. Ian’s cheating affected Sparrow. Sure he broke her heart with that but he also changed her. Her saying…”I despise the distrust I have for everyone.” when she wasn’t like that, I got. She couldn’t get past it and it hurt her with her future relationships. THAT is what I hate about cheaters. They put doubt in your mind when you didn’t have any and not only that but it’s about them being disrespectful and breaking that trust. If you don’t have that then you’re in for a heartache.
They both matured, forgave and love was enough for them to FINALLY get their HEA. I was happy with the story. Will I be reading anymore of WA’s work. Absolutely. Maybe I can relate to another of her heroine for me to like the book that much more.

***Did you notice all the italicized and CAPITAL words? Did it get on your nerves? Yes? Well that’s the way it is in the story. Every page had an italicized word and every other page there was a capital word. This didn’t work for me, some may find it outrageous that I point this out but SERIOUSLY, how can you not point it out. Because of this, I  dropped a 1/2 star to my review. It may seem dumb but it got old. I GOT it.


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