Jerk of My Deams & Giveaway!

Jerk. Asshole. Douchenozzle. Admit it- you hate to love the jerks. That alpha male character who is so arrogant and rude but sexy as hell. That foul mouthed douche bag of a man who rocks your traitorous heart. We’ve all read them and we’ve all liked them to some extent. In real life you wouldn’t touch the man with a ten foot pole. But in the fictional world? Nothing can stand in the way! Everyone would be lying to themselves if they didn’t admit that the meaner the man, the further we run… Towards them! *sigh*ย 

That’s what this weekly meme is about- those jerky delicious men! Each Friday this meme will go up, and you can share your jerk anyway you want: review, interview, lines and quotes, giveaway of a book. However you want! All you have to do is sign up and follow the linky. Any time you comment on someones post, leave your link so that person can comment back.

Holy sweet baby Jesus. That ending…I could hardly catch my breath.

Goddamn you, Javier! Why did I have to fall for you only to have my chest cracked open by you, YOU SON OF A BITCH BASTARD!

I still love you. Hard.

On Every Street is the prequel to Sins & Needles. I did not read Sins & Needles first like most have, but you can bet your ass I’m reading it after I’m finished with this review! The way the story flowed until the end was one hell of a read!

I personally think reading On Every Street first puts you in this suspenseful and intense state of mind. You have no idea what is to come of these characters, only that you’re learning who they are and why they came to be what they are now. I’m actually glad I didn’t read Sins first!

On Every Street is the emotionally gripping beginning of a woman with a vengeance. Ellie’s out to get those who took her life from her when she was younger, but in order to do so, she has to become who the one thing she never wanted to be- a con artist, just like her parents.

In order for her plan to succeeded, she needs to seduce a colleague of the person she wants revenge against. For Ellie White, the training, the scheming, that’s easy…until heartfelt emotions get in the way. Ellie’s heart and head want two different things, but once she’s sucked in by Javier’s charismatic charm, it’s not easy to come up for air.

My Javier…minus the beard…I couldn’t find a good picture without the beard…


Javier is my new favorite jerk! I hate him, but I love him. He tore me up at the end of this story big time. I felt sick to my stomach and wanting to cry for Ellie. I can honestly say that my heart hurt, as if I was having open heart surgery and my chest was being cracked open. I wanted to die.

I have no idea what to expect next, but I can’t wait for the ride I know it’s going to take me on!

Guys!! I. AM. IN. LOVE.
I can’t stop thinking about this book or the next book in this series, SINS & NEEDLES. I want everyone I know to read these books!! Everyone knows that I am insanely obsessed with The Black Dagger Brotherhood series (who isn’t?). Well, I amnow obsessed with this series! I would rate it as high as BDB. That’s saying A LOT.
I am going to gift 10 kindle copies of ON EVERY STREET.ย  Please leave a comment (with your email address so I can contact the winners) telling me if you’ve read Karina’s other series, The Experiment in Terror. I have not read it but I want to now!! If youve read it, leave me your favorite part of the books. I love quotes and passages, it makes me read a series faster. ๐Ÿ™‚
ย Thanks and good luck!!


77 thoughts on “Jerk of My Deams & Giveaway!

  1. I have not read her other series but I want to. I have heard everyone raving about this series so I going to have to start it. I love BDB and since you think it is as good I am moving it up my TBR pile. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. emilyb0924 at gmail dot com.

  2. I haven't read her stuff…yet! I did just get Sins and Needles and will be starting it once midterms are over! It is legit first on my list!


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