Review: Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee

Oh. My. God.

Jerk heroes are the love of my life. I live for them and rest assure if a book involves a hero who’s a complete and total ass then I’ll be right there rooting for him from beginning to end… Until now. I’ll never tell who it was in this story that completely broke my heart but as much as I love him, it’s also safe to say that he deserves a swift kick in the balls. …And that’s all that I’m giving away.

Lila Rae and Nick are con artists who both grew up with little money… The one most important factor that they had in common. They were the best of friends who both became accustomed to a lifestyle that will forever change both of their lives…


Nick and Lila grew up together and confided in each other… Aside from a one-time only occurrence, they never had any kind of relationship that exceeded beyond friendship- Difficult for Lila… Not so difficult for Nick. Where over time her feelings for Nick grew to something beyond friendship, he never mixed business with pleasure. He was a bad boy through and through and he had those delicious tattoos to prove it. *sigh* …There was just something about his character that did me in from the very beginning- For Lila, Nick was everything. One touch or heated glance from him was all it took for her to dive head first into whatever it was that Nick had in store…

Enter Tucker.

Tucker was the campus’s most sought after guy but was so much more than just a pretty face. He was also incredibly humble and an exceptional boyfriend, making it extremely hard for Lila to keep him at arm’s length while continuing her facade. I can’t say that my first initial impression of Tucker was a good one… He seemed a little too sure of himself and it just rubbed me the wrong way… At first. However, the more Lila got to spend with him and I got to know his character on a much more personal level, he really grew on me… A lot. I got to see a side of him that I didn’t think was there in the beginning, which made up for my first initial thoughts about him.

“We’re going out tomorrow night, because whether you want to admit it or not, you know I’m the best thing that’s ever going to happen to you.” ~Tucker

I absolutely loved the heroine, Lila. One thing about her character that I appreciated so much was that she wasn’t consistently making idiot decisions like so many other heroines out there do these days. She made mistakes and may have been blinded by what the truth really was, but she never played the naivety card to the extreme. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her future other than not have to worry about money. The only thing she had ever wanted more than wealth was Nick and there was nothing that she wouldn’t do for him… And herein lies the situation that she had found herself in that would one hundred percent change her life and perspective on things completely…

“I was in love with one man…
Falling for another…
…And lying to both.” ~Lila

Lila may have been a con artist but she wasn’t heartless. She had learned early on in life that it was easier to just shut her heart off for anything that made it hurt. …That is, except when it came to Nick and Tucker. She had such a hard time juggling her feelings for both men. Nick knew everything about her, whereas with Tucker she was scared to let in emotionally, in fear of making the situation she was in that much harder. The more time she spent with him though, the more he had broken down all of her barriers and made her not only want to come clean, but made her want to be a better person.

Nick may have held number one spot in Lila’s heart for as long as she could remember, but despite her best efforts Tucker had become a part of it. Tucker on the other hand, eventually broke down her defenses… Lying to him became harder and harder and soon started eating away at her. She had been so used to conning men who actually deserved it, but she quickly learned that Tucker wasn’t one of those guys… Or was he? …I’ll never tell.

I was literally on pins and needles while reading this book- I was never quite sure of either Nick or Tucker’s intentions, making it hard to see who it was that I could really trust. …And just when I thought I had it all figured out… BAM! …Something happened that literally tore my heart into a million pieces and left me struck freaking speechless. I was angry and completely shocked by the actions of some of the characters but in the end I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the way things had turned out.

This book was pure freaking genius. Instead of a story-line revolving around your typical love triangle, it took on its own unique twist. Full of angst from start to finish, this is a book about lies… Deceit… And most importantly, trust. Elizabeth Lee is truly blessed with a God-given talent for writing and is most definitely an author to keep your eye out for in the future- Trust me when I say, that this is one book that you won’t want to miss out on.


4 thoughts on “Review: Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee

  1. Addicted2Heroines- Thank you so much! This book is definitely worth the read, that's for sure! :)))

    Book Angel Emma- BAHAHA! :))) I'm so glad that my review convinced you to read this book- It's amazing!!! I hope you end up feeling the same way about it as I did!

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