Review: Rancher’s Deadly Risk by Rachel Lee

Rancher’s Deadly Risk is a sweet romance between two teachers. Cassie is new to town and an “outsider”. Linc grew up here and while he teaches and coaches football, he also runs a ranch. That doesn’t leave him with a whole lot of free time. When Cassie steps in to stop some kids from bullying another kid, she starts getting threats. Cassie and Linc team up to start an anti-bullying program at the school and Linc does all he can to protect Cassie from the threats.
The romance between Cassie and Linc was sweet and pretty straightforward. I got frustrated with the one step forward and two steps back in the romance. It was very frustrating to watch them come together only to pull back so many times.
The threats against Cassie provided a bit of suspense and gave Linc a reason to keep Cassie close. I was disappointed in the reason behind the threats. It didn’t seem plausible to me. It was just too far of a stretch for me.
I was also a bit put off by all the talk of how bad bullying is. I felt like I was reading an anti-bullying campaign and not a romance. I understand how important anti-bullying programs are. I’m a former schoolteacher and I have three children in school. However, I felt it was heavy handed in the book.
Overall a sweet romance and I’m glad I read it.
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