ARC Review: Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti

Sophie Smith has designed a high class golf course that she knows will be perfect in the setting that has been chosen. Everyone so far has said how much they like the design she has come up with and would love to play on the course. The problem? She needs the support of the local tribe for approval by the County Commissioners and their Tribal Lawyer is not making her job easy on her. Not. At. All.

Jake Lodge is a cowboy, and a Tribal Lawyer and is known for being a shark in the courtroom. He understands that Sophie is doing her job, and he is doing his as well. Too bad he also wants Sophie in his bed. She is a distraction he can’t afford, but can’t resist either. Can Jake convince Sophie that even though they are on opposite sides when it comes to the golf course; that the chemistry they share is worth exploring? 

 “I caught her. I get to keep her.” 

Holy hot damn! Jake Lodge can catch and keep me any day!!! He is your hot as hell alpha man and is not afraid to show it either. I loved how he was proud of his heritage but not all in your face with it either. He is very close with his brothers and sister, as well as his mom and step-dad. Jake knows family is everything, and his family is trying to play match maker and help Jake out with Sophie.

Sophie thinks that she will be able to convince the Tribal leaders to approve her design and get approval from the County Commissioners as well. While she meets with various people, she makes friends and earns some side work designing other projects that have been requested. She knows she is a talented designer, but art is her true love. When the unexpected happens, she has to decide how to proceed, will she listen to her heart and stay with Jake, or will she listen to her head and run back home? I was rooting for her to follow her heart, cause seriously Jake is worth it in my opinion. Did I mention he is hot and an alpha? Ok enough said.

I loved this book! I am a fan of Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series and let me tell you she has made me a fan of this new series as well! Against the Wall is the first book in this new series, and I promise you that it will not disappoint.  

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