Blog Tour & Giveaway: Face the Music by Andrea K. Robbins

He chuckled. It was a deep, throaty sound. “Close your mouth, Allie. I’m only going to give you a massage. Strictly professional.”
“Oh,” I breathed out my relief. I’d never had a massage before.
“What did you think I was going to do?”
I flushed under his amused expression. “That’s really sweet of you to offer, but-”
“Are you turning me down?” He was frowning. “You don’t want it?”
“Well, yeah, I just don’t think-.” I stopped. Don’t think what? That I’d enjoy it? There was no doubt that I would. Probably very much. Maybe that was the problem.
He patted the table. “Come on, give me a chance. If you’re at all uncomfortable, I’ll stop. You just have to tell me. I’ll give you a minute to get undressed.” Not giving me a chance to object, he went in the bedroom and closed the door.
I just stood there for several seconds, not knowing quite what to do. How undressed, exactly?

Bra and panties? Naked? Was he really only giving me a minute? I kicked off my shoes and
wiggled out of my jeans and t-shirt, made a half-assed attempt at folding them, and ran over to

the table.
The bed was warm. There must have been a heater in the cushion. And the sheets were velvety

soft. I squirmed down in between them, pulling the top one up to my chin. After a second of
hesitation I sat up, unhooked my bra, and flung it over to my pile of clothes.
His bedroom door cracked open. “Are you ready?”
Was I ready? What a good question that was. I thought I was ready, but what, exactly, was I

ready for?
About the author:
Born and raised in eastern Missouri, Andrea K. Robbins is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia and Idaho State University and hold degrees in Human Nutrition, Biological Sciences, and Secondary Education. She currently resides in southern Idaho with her husband and two young daughters and enjoys teaching Jr. and High School science and health classes at a local school district. Robbins is also working toward her Masters degree in Science Education through Montana State University. When not working, she can be found spending time with her family or getting lost in a sappy love story.
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16 thoughts on “Blog Tour & Giveaway: Face the Music by Andrea K. Robbins

  1. The massage scene! This was one of my FAVORITE scenes to write. I actually wrote most of it in a parking lot right after having a massage done myself. Too bad the person who did it wasn't nearly as good as I imagine Chris would be! Lol!

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