Review: Flat-Out Matt by Jessica Park

Fans of Flat-Out Love this is a must read!

Please please please, if you have not read Flat-Out Love yet, please read it before you read Flat-Out Matt, you will be able to understand more of everything if you do since this is a novella with some chapters in Matt’s view and some extras as well. Also, I don’t want to give away anything from the previous book that could spoil it for you.

Matt is a geek, he is brilliant and is a student at MIT. At the same time he is stupid when it comes to love and how he feels about Julie, the girl who is staying with his family, he does something so stupid that it could cost him Julie. He pretends to be Finn, his absent older brother.
I was anxiously awaiting this book once Jessica Park announced she was going to do a few chapters from Matt’s POV due to fan demand. I was not disappointed! I loved seeing how Matt was affected by Julie and how he fell in love with her while being Finn. It broke my heart because he knew it went too far but didn’t want to lose that connection with her and wished she could see that it was him she fell in love with as well.

I loved Matt in the first book, his quirkiness and geeky t-shirts made him who he was, but I knew there was so much more to Matt, and I finally got that in Flat-Out Matt. The prequel chapters and the extended versions of the chapters, The Sleepover and Keep Going were just what us fans have needed and wanted. I would have loved to have had even more. 

I fell in love with Matt all over again, thank you Jessica Park for listening to your fans and giving us just a little more of our favorite geek, Matt!


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