Blog Tour & Giveaway: Broken: Secrets in Madison Falls by Rachel Hanna

Broken-Rachel-Hanna-Blog-Tour (1)

When twenty-four year old Bella Clay experiences yet another major loss in her life, she is forced to come
home and become a young, single mother to her seven year old nephew. No one in the small town of Madison Falls knows just how damaged she is, and they certainly don’t know her dirty little secret about where she’s been for the last two years.
Grant Brady is the local hunk who works as the elementary school PE and history teacher. When he takes an interest in helping Bella start over in Madison Falls, she tries to push him away afraid that he will find out her dark secrets. What she doesn’t know is that Grant has a secret of his own.
Will love prevail or will one or both of them run for the hills out of fear?

Ever wonder what goes into writing a story? The plotting and research that an author does? Where the inspiration came from for a particular character? There are many hidden secrets or information that we wouldn’t know about the book or writing process. A lot more goes into the writing than we think! Here are some interesting facts you may not know about Broken: Secrets of Madison Falls.

I have always loved to write and tell stories. When I was a young child, I wrote stories all the time. As I got older, I stopped for some reason. I think we tend ot lose our child-like creativity as we get older, but writing fiction has been such a fun process for me because it’s like daydreaming that entertains readers and makes an income at the same time!

One of my strangest writing habits is sitting in my car. Yep, sometimes I sit in my car to write my stories. More accurately, I sometimes use my iPad to record my stories and have a software type my speech for me. I do it in my car so that I can be sure that I am totally alone and don’t sound like a nut talking to myself in my own house. Plus, with romance writing the scenes can be kind of intense so I wouldn’t want my kids standing at the door listening to me talk!

Sometimes I do type my stories using my iPad or laptop. I usually don’t outline much as I like to fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to writing. I enjoy watching my characters evolve naturally rather than trying to list out everything about them from the beginning.

“Broken” was a great story to write although it was definitely my most emotionally charged book so far. I enjoyed getting deep into Bella’s personality because I think it allowed readers to really connect with her and her story.

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9 thoughts on “Blog Tour & Giveaway: Broken: Secrets in Madison Falls by Rachel Hanna

  1. Thanks for the fun facts! I have to admit that I don't think writing in the car is that strange…I like to listen to audio books in the car..something about being able to tune out everyone else. Thanks for the giveaway

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