ARC Review: Hunter by Jax

Good vs. Evil
One hot white witch
The battle of a lifetime
Finding your ONE!
All of these things make Hunter one HOT, fun, intense book.
Tatyana is on her way to visit her brother, but he doesn’t know she’s on her way. Along the way, her car dies and she’s forced to walk. It’s a dark, deserted road in the middle of the night. It’s cold, freezing in face, as she only has a shawl to keep her warm. She finally makes it to the house where her brother is staying. She leans on the door to get a twig out of her shoe, when the door opens and she falls into his arms. Hunter.
The prodigal son has finally returned. On Hunter’s first night back, she falls into his arms, literally.
They’re both instantly attracted to each other. There’s a sizzle, a spark. But Hunter has secrets. In fact, everyone in the house has secrets.
What follows in an intense story of attraction, bonding, magic and good versus evil.’
I admit, I was hooked from the very beginning. Jax has a way of writing that is witty, sarcastic and funny, with a dry humor. The intense scenes between Hunter and Tatyana were HOT. I could feel the passion and heat that was building between them.
Jax did an amazing job of building a world that lives along side the world we all live in. Her easy explanation account for how these witches live in our society, yet we know nothing of their world.
I liked the idea of the differing schools of magic. Each school of magic gives the witch or warlock certain advantages and disadvantages. No two witches are exactly alike. The power level of each witch is different as is the school of magic and their ability.
It was just a neat world to be a part of. Now, I don’t KNOW that this is the first in a series. But I certainly hope it is. While there were no cliffhangers, there certainly were hints of the possibility of future books with this witch coven. I certainly hope there is!
Favorite Quote: “Now, here I am, a stranded woman marching down a spooky, remote road with no one to hear me scream. I’m in a damned plot for a B horror flick!”
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One thought on “ARC Review: Hunter by Jax

  1. Looks like another book to be added to my TBR pile. I love books with scary stuff. Not sure why I like them because I always jump.

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