Review: Playing Patience by Tabatha Vargo

I need to be totally honest here… While this book wasn’t horrible, it was definitely a far cry from being good. I’ll admit, the synopsis reeled me in- It sounded just like my type of book: Dark… Emotional… And featuring a broken bad-boy who doesn’t want to be fixed. What’s not to love? Unfortunately though, this book is a perfect example of a story that held potential but couldn’t quite live up to the expectation.

For starters, the writing really turned me off. I’m all about hearing both the hero and the heroine’s point of view, and it’s not something that I typically have a problem with… Unless it’s gone about in the wrong way. Every chapter in this book was just a re-write of the previous chapter- The only difference was, it was written in a different point of view. It was enough in itself to just read a scene once… But to go back and have to read it again… And again… And again? It was just too much and didn’t help with the fluency of the story. Not to mention, the consistent back-tracking just bore the ever loving hell out of me.

As for the characters… I couldn’t connect with any of them. Oh, and a little word of warning to all of you jerk-lovers out there: Zeke may fall under the “asshole” category, but if you’re looking for the drool-worthy factor to come into play, then you may be thoroughly disappointed. His character did absolutely nothing for me. Yes, he had his noble moments… But for the most part he just came across as an immature child with very little respect for the heroine.

Zeke was numb to everything, aside from drinking, sleeping around, getting high and playing with his band. When the heroine comes into the picture, he begins to show a different side; A more caring side… It’s just a shame that I could never see past his immaturity and child-like behavior to really notice. It was obvious he was a very broken soul and while I felt for him because of all the heartache and pain he dealt with on a daily basis, in the end he never did win me over. On the other hand, I’d say the heroine Patience was a likable character- The poor girl literally lived through her own personal hell and I commend her for being as strong as she was. She did what she had to do in order to keep those she loved safe, even if that meant taking abuse from the one person who should have protected her.

One good thing I can say about the relationship between these two characters is that the whole “insta-love” crap never came into play. I don’t think I would have been able to handle reading the book any further had that happened. The build-up was definitely there which I think was necessary in order for them both to be able to overcome their pasts and heal each other. With that being said though, this story just ended with so many loose ends and it felt extremely rushed. I felt like so many things were just left unresolved- The book went through so much elaboration when it came to the heartache that these two went through in their personal lives as well as their relationship, yet I’m supposed to believe that they both found their happily-ever-after because of a two page epilogue? I call bullshit- I needed more. Not that it even really mattered to me one way or another whether these two even got their happy ending anyway. Harsh? Maybe. But over-all, I’d just like to say:


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