Blog Tour & Giveaway: Straddling the Edge by Julie Prestsater

Straddling-the-EdgeTour (1)

Who was your favorite character to write and why? 

My favorite character to write in this series is Mel. She’s freaking hysterical. I loved writing every bit of

dialogue that came out of her mouth and all her thoughts. She is one sassy, sarcastic woman who isn’t afraid to let everyone know what she’s thinking. Not only is she the perfect match for Ty, but she’s a damn good friend too. She’s the best friend we could all hope to have.

What do your family and friends think about your choice of career?

They are overwhelmingly supportive. My sister tells everyone who will listen about my books, and even some people who don’t want to listen. Haha. Don’t let her catch you in a long line at a grocery store. She’ll bust out a Sharpie and right my name on your hand.

Who or what inspired the story?

Catty women. LOL! I work in an environment with a ton of women. And we can tend to be a little catty sometimes. Or territorial. Or just plain bitchy. One of my best friends at work is someone who I didn’t really get along with at first. It took us a couple years, actually, to warm up to each other. While I never thought she was a man-stealing whore, I guess you could say the idea of Summer is based on our rocky start at becoming friends.

What do you want people come away with when they read your work?

A smile. 😀 But seriously, I think what most readers love about my books and what some hate about them is that the drama is not drawn out for chapter after chapter. One of the things I love about romance is the guaranteed happily ever after. And you’ll definitely get that in my books and it usually doesn’t take long. Sure, there is conflict just like in real life. But that conflict doesn’t have to be a drag it out, beat it to death, knock it out, break your heart into a million pieces and then crap on it for good measure kind of thing.  So I guess I’d want them to know that it’s okay to just get over it, say you’re sorry, hug it out, have some great make-up sex, move on, and be happy.

What is something readers wouldn’t know about you?
I love dipping my French Fries into a chocolate shake using my fool proof scooping method. You have to fold your fry in half first. Then, you use it as a spoon and scoop up a glob of thick milkshake before taking a delicious bite. Works best with fries from Wendy’s and a thick chocolate frosty. Perfection!

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5 thoughts on “Blog Tour & Giveaway: Straddling the Edge by Julie Prestsater

  1. Good mini interview! Thanks for info on Straddling the Edge. French fries and a Wendy's frosty do sound good – but not together…lol…Thanks for the giveaway

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