Review: Stone Romance (Stone Passions #2) By A.C. Warneke

What If……you turned right instead of left….
What If……you stayed home instead of going out….
What if……you said no instead of yes…..
How different would your life be?  Would it be better? Worse? Or just…..different?
These are questions we’ll never know the answers to.  They’re games we shouldn’t play. But What If… knew how different things would be if you had only…….
Jenna and Rhys are off on adventure. They’re supposed to be going to visit Rhys’s mother to get some of her blood in order save Vaughn and Melanie. But things are not always what they seem.
Jenna and Rhys are a dynamic couple. They’re awesome together. He brings out the best in Jenna and he’s helping her heal. She’s been sad for so long and not really living. Rhys has brought her back to life.
My only complaint about Rhys? He’s TOO perfect. Yep, you heard me…he’s too perfect! 
I am loving A.C. Warneke’s Stone Passions series. It’s so full of life, color, heartache and gloriously hottie hotties! I still want a gargoyle of my own! LOL! Where can I get one?
I love the insight into Armand. Up until now I just thought he was a hardass, but  now I see him as someone who needs a little love in his life. Someone to hold. Someone to love. I’m really excited about getting his story. The little snippet we got in the Epilogue has whetted my appetite! Bring on Armand!
One of the things I REALLY liked about this story was the way Warneke delved into Greek Mythology. The stories we were told are given more depth and new insight into those myths come to light. It makes the world Warneke has built that much richer. The amazing thing about all of this; it’s our world. The world we live in now. She didn’t create an alternate world or dimension. It’s all embedded into or world, using stories we read in school or watched on TV. I really like the way she took those stories and weaved them into this story.
Makes me wonder…..What If…….
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