Review: Relentless Seduction by Jillian Burns

Mardi Gras in New Orleans….Anything goes….at least until someone goes missing. Claire is the good-girl. The microbiologist who always does what she’s supposed to do, brainiac, dedicated to her work……boring. Julia is her wild-child best friend who goes missing in the French Quarter. Her last known location…..a bar called Once Bitten.
Rafe owns and runs Once Bitten. He caters to those who are the edge of society. The vampire wannabes. When Claire comes in asking about her friend, he steps in to help her, against his better judgement.
I enjoyed the mystery and suspense of looking for Julia and then the attempt to save her once they found her. Rafe was an enigma. He didn’t want to get involved but he couldn’t help himself. He felt compelled to help Claire and as he did, he started to fall for her. He was leery of falling for her because no one ever sticks around. They always leave. It was fun to watch Rafe fight with his inner demons to reach out to Claire. He was often an ass to her. A defense mechanism.
Claire was interesting as well. She realized how boring her life back in Boston was. She slowly realized that she wasn’t living life, she was existing. Rafe brought out the best in her. She took Rafe’s hurtful words in stride. They hurt her, but she also began to realize why he acted like that. She didn’t lash out at him and wasn’t a bitch, but she also wasn’t a doormat to him. She had an inner strength that really came through in hear search for Julia.
New Orleans proved to be an interesting backdrop for this story. I loved the talk of voodoo and vampires. As I was reading it took me a while to figure out if they were real vampires or wannabe vampires. In either case, it made the story more interesting and the plot more dangerous.
This was my first book by Jillian Burns and I look forward to reading more from her.
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