Review and Giveaway: Fading by E.K. Blair

“And though she be but little,
she is fierce.”
-William Shakespeare
Fading is the beautiful, dark and inspirational debut novel by E.K. Blair that is a must read.
I won’t bore you with my ramblings about the story but I will say this…
It’s about a young woman whose life is changed forever because she was sexually assaulted one night by someone she knew. It’s a story about her struggle for survival and moving forward the best way anyone can after going through what she went through. We witness Candace suffering from PTSD, flashbacks and nightmares. We witness friendships becoming closer while others are pushed away. We experience anger, frustration, hatred, joy, love and happiness.
There is so much pain and darkness you feel in this story, but with that pain and darkness comes a breathtaking beauty that will leave you cheering with excitement and hope. Hope, that no matter how dark and ugly life can get, how hard the struggles are to overcome, that beauty is waiting for you around the corner.
E.K. Blair did an amazing job with the flow of the story, the strong build of the characters and the details and insight on what someone goes through when they have been a victim of a sexual assault. You feel the passion and hard work that was put into writing this story that you don’t get from a lot of books.
Clips from the book that had me ugly crying:
* “I’m finding it hard to hear what they are saying over my crying and heaving breaths. But the whole world stops moving when I hear that unmistakable word. Don’t say that word. I can’t move. I can’t blink. I can’t do anything. This isn’t me. This can’t be me.”
*“I sit here, on the bottom of the shower, and everything I know about myself, everything I love, everything I am begins to fade.”
*I feel so weak and tired, like I’m drowning. I keep treading water, but I can never seem to get my head high enough out of the water to take in a full breath of air. I’ve been drowning since that night. There are times I feel like I can make it, but then I’m pulled right back under.
*“I’m fading.” I feel the heat of my tears as they linger down my cheeks. “He took all my light, and I’ve been fading ever since.”
Clips that had me crying happy tears:
*Cradling my face in his hands, he says, “You’re not fading. I won’t let you.”
*It takes a while, but when I finally feel Ryan’s tense chest relax, he pulls back and looks me in the eyes as he says, “This changes nothing for me. Okay? Nothing. No one will ever love you like I do.”
*He pulls back and looks into my eyes and when he does, I see it all. I see it clearly; he loves me, and I know I’m safe.
“What is it, babe?”
Brushing my hand down the side of his face, I give him a part of me that I’ve been holding tightly to. “I love you.”
I know he’s be waiting a long time for me to get here, but I know it’s okay when I look into his clear eyes and see the lines appear at the corners when his smile grows.
“You’ll never know what those words just did to me,”
I will end my review with this:
1-5 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. College age women are 4 times more likely to be assaulted and every 35 seconds an aggravated assault occurs.
Approximately 80% of female rape victims were raped before age 25; more than 25% of male rape victims were raped by age 10.
In 2012, 91.9% of rape victims were female. Of these, 48% were assaulted by friends or acquaintances, 25% by strangers and 17% by intimate partners.
When leaving your house, work, building, entering a parking garage during the day or night time, please be aware of your surroundings. Carry a stun gun (if your state allows it), pepper spray (also if your state allows it), a small fog horn or any other personal protection with you.
If you should find yourself in a situation to where you are being attacked, throw a child-like tantrum. Shout, kick, punch, wiggle like a warm that had way too much sugar and use your nails to claw at your attacker. Do whatever you have to do to draw attention to yourself and to get away. Do not give in. Fight for your life and for the life of your loved ones.
Until Next Time…
Happy Reading J

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