Review: Naughty Bits by Selena Kitt

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Let me just go ahead and start this review with a little word of warning: If incest isn’t your thing and/or it disgusts you to read about it, then stay as FAR away from this book as humanly possible. With that being said… Damn, but this book was naughty amazing hot hot hot! I honestly don’t really know what I was expecting going into this story- However, I did know that Selena Kitt wasn’t going to disappoint and I couldn’t have been more right about that.

I typically don’t do the whole older heroine/younger hero thing, but it worked for me in this book. David is the virginal younger brother who tends to get his kicks from looking at dirty magazines… One called Naughty Bits, in particular. He fantasizes about a girl that’s displayed on several of the pages and time and time again he finds himself drawn to her. Deep down in the back of his subconscious, he knew that the girl he’s been fantasizing about looked extremely similar to his older sister, Dawn. Little did he know, that his fantasy was about to become a reality…

David’s older sister Dawn was portrayed as a bit… Well… Slutty, if I must say so myself. She’s the instigator in David’s transformation from virgin to full-blown master of orgasms… Her orgasms, in particular. At first, David was a bit stand-offish about having sex with Dawn… After-all, it is his sister. He tries his best to keep himself satisfied with doing everything with her, short of sex; As if crossing that line will truly make what they’re doing so very wrong. Eventually though, he gives into temptation and they immediately began their taboo love affair.

The thing I loved most about this book is the fact that the author really did manage to put in a decent enough amount of emotional build up, depth and character development to leave me feeling satisfied. Now don’t get me wrong- This book was pretty much nothing but sex scene after sex scene. However, Selena Kitt really did manage to weave an actual story-line in between it all and that in itself is pretty damn impressive.

Now granted, as much as I absolutely loved this book there were a few things I could have done without. I don’t know what it was about Dawn getting turned on with needing to call David her “little brother” during sex, but it was a little much for me at times. I can only assume that it just heightened everything for her knowing how morally wrong what she was doing really was. Knowing this book was about an incestuous relationship didn’t bother me in the least… Yet, I still never got used to the whole “little brother” dirty talk that always seemed to make its way out of her mouth. I also couldn’t ever get used to some of the British words that were thrown in throughout the book. (For example:“Crikey”, “Knob off”, “Wanking”, “Wanker”, etc.) …In all honesty though, none of this effected how I felt about the book as a whole- I just wasn’t quite used to reading a book that used British slang.

All-in-all, this story was fantastic- The ending was a bit abrupt, yet I still felt like it was all wrapped up together nicely. I would definitely recommend Naughty Bits to anyone who’s in the mood for a forbidden erotica-Selena Kitt is one hell of a talented author and this book shows her work at its finest.


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