Special Post & Giveaway: Omnific Book Boyfriend Smackdown

Alright guys let’s do this!  The Men of Omnific are prepared to battle it out.  Thirty-nine men competing for the title of ULTIMATE BOOK BOYFRIEND.  Only one will take home the glory.  Don’t worry.  No book boyfriends will be injured during this smackdown.  Well, some may get their feelings hurt if you don’t vote for them.  You know…men and their egos. 
My Secret Romance has entered the arena and is sponsoring none other than:

Ellis can be found in the historical romance book Good Ground by Tracy Winegar.  He’s brooding and broken.  A 26 year old farmer living in depression era Pickette County, Tennessee. Ellis’s mother died in childbirth. An only child, he was raised by his father to be a gentleman and was taught to work hard and to treat women with honor and respect. When he comes upon a damsel in distress in the midst of a terrible blizzard, he can’t resist stopping to help her. His act of kindness proves to be more costly than he could ever imagine.  
Aww…he’s pulling at the heartstrings right?  Let’s get to know Ellis shall we?

Ellis, what is your ideal woman like?
The perfect balance of femininity and strength, a hard worker, loyal and trustworthy, and being a good cook don’t hurt. 
Tell the fine followers of My Secret Romance what do you like the least about yourself?
My poor communication skills.    
What are the three most important things in life to you?
 My father, my farm, my ability to provide for a wife
What music is on your playlist right now?
What is this new fangled contraption and why is the devil’s music coming from it? 
Oh, Ellis you silly thing, it’s an iPod.  Okay, what is your favorite curse/dirty word?
You fouled mouth dirty boy.  Tell us how do you seduce and/or excite a woman?
Anyway she wants.
Well now you’re talking.  Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made love?
The hayloft but if you do it right, you don’t need nothin’ but a good bed…
Mmm…you just keep talkin’ to me in that southern drawl.  Okay, while Ellis goes off to fluff up the hay why don’t you head on over to Love Between the Sheets, our host for this Smackdown, and give him a vote.  Remember he’s already brooding and broken.  Don’t break him down any further.  Find his name and place your vote.
To vote for this book boyfriend, go to Love Between the Sheets, find this character, and place your vote: http://www.readlovelust.com/omnific-smackdown

Two lucky people will win an eBook copy of Good Ground.  Just answer the question and make sure to leave your email address.  Let’s teach Ellis some new words shall we.  What’s your favorite dirty/curse word?


“I promise,” Ellis agreed so that she would calm down. “You all right?” he whispered against her hair. Clairey wrapped her arms around his waist, nodding her head against his shoulder. The brush of her body against his made Ellis forget completely about her father, about his desire to go hunt him down and make him pay. Holding her like that was touching on something he had forbidden himself from considering up to that point. He began to berate himself inwardly but stopped, utterly tired of fighting his natural instincts.

He recalled randomly how it had been the warmth of her body that had sustained him that long night in his truck on the side of the road, her body that had kept him from death in the bitter cold. Ellis leaned into Clairey, pressing her between himself and the wall, relishing the feel of her in his arms. Was it his imagination that she was clinging to him too? I’ll touch her face, and she’ll stop me, he thought, and that will be the end of it. He felt the hammering pulse in her neck, fast and insistent. Ellis remembered how he had held a frightened, wild rabbit in his hands when he was a child, and how its heart had beat similarly. Will she stop me? he wondered. He felt inhibited by his ignorance of women and by his inability to know what she was thinking.
Clairey could feel the change in him, how the lines of his muscles had seemed to soften and relax. He slid his hands down her arms, his fingers leaving a slow trail, his breath heavy and uneven as he stood before her, face to face. There was something in his eyes that she couldn’t read, although it seemed surprisingly like bashfulness. Ellis had always seemed so confident, so sure of himself. It was something she had admired very much about him. Yet there he was, showing vulnerability. She realized he must have been as insecure as she was, and it somehow made her more self-assured.
He leaned down and put his lips to hers, barely touching in an almost kiss, just enough to send goose bumps over her body, so that they were exchanging breaths, his sweet and alluring. Perhaps he was expecting that at that point she would protest, make him stop, but she didn’t. She simply stood there perfectly still, trying to get her emotions in check as she struggled to stop crying. His hands and lips were gentle, uncertain, inquisitively slow and deliberate as he explored her face. He put his fingers to her throat and her collar bone. Now and then he looked into her eyes, as if he were asking her without words if she approved or if she wanted him to stop.

14 thoughts on “Special Post & Giveaway: Omnific Book Boyfriend Smackdown

  1. I've been seeing the word “fuck” a lot lately in the books I've been reading. It can be used in so many ways.

    pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

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