Review: Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves by Kim Grosso

Fresh Starts
Finding Home
All of these things can be found in Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves. Kym Grosso has weaved a world where vampires, shifters and witches exist alongside humans. It’s a magical world that has it’s own laws and traditions.
In Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves, Tristan has finally found his mate. It’s been over 100 years but he’s finally found her, not that he was looking.
His mate appears to be human. But then, things aren’t always what they seem. As Kallie’s past collides with her future with Tristan, she’ll have to learn to trust. Even if it could put her life on the line.
I think I’m in love with Tristan. He’s not perfect. In fact he screws up a lot. But he’s man enough to admit when he screws up and say I’m sorry. That right there makes me swoon! Add in the fact that he’s an alpha and likes to play kinky games, and well….
Kallie comes from an abusive pack. She’s hiding in plain sight. When she meets Tristan, she puts it all on the line. I like the fact that she’s a real character. She has reasons to be cautious and she doesn’t trust easily, but she doesn’t let it define her. Kallie is willing to take a chance.
The betrayal and misdeeds of those close to us always hurt the worst. Tristan and Kallie have some serious issues they need to deal with when someone in their pack betrays them.

Once again we start the next book in the series and I’m looking forward to it! I’m so excited for Logan, although I’m not happy at the way it happens!
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2 thoughts on “Review: Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves by Kim Grosso

  1. Great review! I have not yet read this series, but I have the first one. I'll have to start it soon. I love shifter books!
    I also enjoy characters with depth and it sounds like these 2 characters have it. 🙂

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