Review: Darkness Rises by Dianne Duvall

Dianne Duvall has created an amazing world where vampires, immortals and others live alongside humans. Only humans don’t know it!
Darkness Rises is another story filled with action, intrigue, betrayal, and secrets. Oh and romance. Don’t forget the romance.
Krysta is a gifted one who has been fighting vampires on her own. She’s a regular Buffy!
Then there’s Etienne. He’s been around for quite a while and he’s Immortal. Together, they’re unstoppable!
I really like this series. It’s not just a vampire romance. It’s an entire world where anything can and does happen. It’s not the typical bad vampire versus good vampire. It’s an entire war being fought between vampires, immortals and humans. Only you sometimes aren’t sure who’s on your side and who’s the enemy.
With each story the plot gets a bit more complicated. There were some real eye-opening reveals in this one. With each subsequent book, I become more and more intrigued.
With Darkness Rises, I really enjoyed watching Etienne’s and Krysta’s romance. It was unconventional and completely different than most romances. It was perfect for them both.

With the introduction of Krysta and her gift to the group has introduced a whole new set of questions. We got a few more answers but we now have some new questions.  I’m looking forward to finding out more.
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