Review: Wilde Nights in Paradise by Tonya Burrows

When Libby Pruitt gets a stalker, her dad hires the only man he trusts with her safety, Jude Wilde. The problem? Jude Wilde shattered Libby’s heart eight years ago. Now they have to hide out with each other until her stalker is caught.
Jude and Libby both still love each other. The problem is whether or not they can work through past hurts to find each other again. Meanwhile, Jude has to keep Libby alive.
Jude and Libby’s chemistry is explosive. Their history only makes it more explosive. There’s not much tension from the stalker. I would have liked the tension to have been ratcheted up a bit more. I like lots of tension in my books.
The ending was pretty good. I liked how the stalker was revealed. It wasn’t who I expected. I suspected someone else, so I was surprised with that reveal.

The resolution between Jude and Libby was good. Jude finally got some closure to his long harbored secret. Libby finally found out what happened eight years ago. The boy got the girl. I like HEA’s.

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