Blog Tour: Have I Told You by F.L. Jacob

Warning: There is a rape scene and attempted rape scene in this book.
There are many things I like about Have I Told and there are some thing I didn’t like. It really was a mixed bag for me. So, for this review, I’ll just run through things as they hit me and see where we end up!
The concept of Have I Told You is one that I like. Uber-hot, Uber-rich, young business man takes a liking to a college student. He pursues her, wins her, life goes on. I like this concept. It’s the fairy tale, the white knight whisking the princess off into the sunset for a little HEA. Who wouldn’t like that?
When Caston saw Sabrina dance, he became enthralled with her. So much so, it actually became a bit stalkerish. When Sabrina found out, she was mad at first but then forgave him. Their initial meeting (not at the dance recital, it was actually month later) was very sweet. Caston came to Sabrina’s rescue and whisked her away someplace safe. It was at this point I got a very Fifty Shades of Gray feeling to the book. This feeling continued for a bit then went away. While I had that feeling at the beginning, it disappeared in the middle. Then, toward the end, that feeling came back.
In the beginning Caston was very alpha male and set out to protect Sabrina at any cost. I loved it. Then later in the book, he became co-dependent on Sabrina. The co-dependency came across as whiny to me. I couldn’t see the alpha-male that Caston started out as. He seemed to disappear before my very eyes.
I became very frustrated with Caston as well. He had plenty of opportunity to tell Sabrina about Beverly but he kept putting it off. This is information she needed in order to protect himself and her, yet he kept putting it off. It was very frustrating to me.
My other frustration came in with the dialogue. The conversation themselves worked very well and carried the storyline. However, there was a limited use of contractions and so the dialogue felt very stiff and formal at times. I ended up reading certain conversations over again and inserted in my own contractions to make it flow.
I loved the flip between Sabrina and Caston. It worked very well for this story and was easy to follow. It also added in the extra depth of knowing what was going on with each of them. There were only a couple of places where we back-tracked in time when flipping POVs. However, those few times worked and it didn’t create any redundancy for me.
The steamy scenes between Caston and Sabrina were really good. They were hot and lent themselves to the storyline. My only problem was I felt like they had sex so much, I don’t know when they talked and go to know each other. So, that kind of deterred me a bit.
Now, I’m not real big on F/F scenes. In ménage situations I like for there to be two males and 1 female and straight F/F is not my thing. That being said, there is a scene between Sabrina and another female that is so totally hot! It takes place on a dance floor and OMG! Then later we have a scene with the same female and Sabrina in an airplane along with Caston and another guy. OMG! That was scorching hot. Didn’t matter is was a LOT of F/F interaction, it was HOT!

We’re left with a cliffhanger at the end of this story. I will be reading the next one because I want to see what happens. In spite of my problems with part of the story, I did enjoy the concept and overall storyline. I’m invested in these characters and I want to know what happens!
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Author Bio
I am a mommy of two, wife to an amazing man, and full time employee. Life is crazy and my love for reading had fizzled over the years but thanks to a wonderful group of ladies that I met last year I started reading again. Their love for books turned me on to many great writers who I would have never discovered if I hadn’t started reading again! 

I started writing for them. They brought out my love for writing that I haven’t seen in years. Starting this process was tedious and nerve wrecking, but my lovely ladies and my fabulous husband have inspired me to take my love for writing to the next step.

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