Review: Steal My Heart by Lisa Eugene

*There is dubious consent and a little non-con in this book*
Steal My Heart is the story of a germaphobe nurse who gets kidnapped and taken on a wild ride by a hot ex-navy SEAL. Along the way, they’re thrown into danger, deceit, murder, mayhem and betrayal.
So, this review is a little hard for me to write. I have mixed feelings about it. I love military heroes, whether active or retired. I love the idea of falling for someone you wouldn’t normally. I loved the action, the intrigue, the mystery and was totally caught off-guard by the guilty party.
The idea of a germaphobe nurse travelling and wearing the same clothes over and over made me chuckle. Watching how Gabe dealt with her was even better.
The romance between Gabe and Maggie was hot. Gabe learning to let others in and learning to love was great. I also love that Maggie was a full figured woman. And the descriptions matched that. It was just lip service. This hot SEAL falling for a full figure woman was awesome.
So, where was my problem with the story? There quite a few words I had to stop and look up. I have a pretty decent vocabulary and I rarely have to look up words when reading romance novels. However, I found myself being pulled from the story and forced to look up words. It tended to disrupt the flow for me.
The first half of the story dragged a bit for me. This may have been because I kept getting pulled from the story. However, the last half really picked up the pace.
The last 25% was rolling fast and furious and I couldn’t read fast enough. It was full of action and passion.
The best part? The conclusion! Nope, not gonna tell. You’ll have to read it. But, let’s just say, the ultimate guilty party was a surprise to me. Plus, how it all ended up being resolved was AWESOME! I liked that ending!
Now, what did the vagina say to the rabbi? (read the book, you’ll understand the question!)

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