Review: Trust Me? by K.E. Osborn

Trust Me is the story of Jenifer Taylor who gets hit by Aiden O’Connell, literally. Aiden is fascinated with Jenifer and set out to date her.

Jenifer has trust issues. Big ones.

Aiden has daddy issues. Big ones.

Jenifer is sweet, funny and generally a likeable person.

Aiden is generous, funny, hunky and rich.

They are an unlikely pair and make a great couple. Their biggest obstacles are Jenifer’s trust issues and Aiden’s dad. Yes, Aiden’s dad.

There are certain aspects that are typical of millionaire stories. He has a driver, fantastic condo, and takes Jenifer on whimsical fantasy dates. Even though these are typical of millionaire stories, it’s a wonderful story about two people learning to trust and love each other.

Jeni’s roommate Sarah was an awesome secondary character. Everyone should have a friend like her! The emails between Sara and Jeni were typical emails. They were funny, insightful and helped moved the story along.

The texting between Aiden and Jeni was great! It’s typical behavior and better than phone conversations!

I loved their romance and enjoyed being a part of it. The trials and tribulations they face are typical in many ways. But because of Aiden’s father and his status as a millionaire, there are some things he faces that are not typical. It added to the story.

We’re left with a cliffhanger. Aiden and Jeni have some real problems in their way. They have to fight through so much to be together.


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