Review: The Angel by Tiffany Reisz

My God.

That ending… I can’t even… I don’t even…

Words can’t even express how freaking phenomenal this book was. If you haven’t read this series yet, here’s a little word of advice: Read. It. Now. …Don’t allow yourself to come up with some bullshit excuse not to- You’re missing out. I’m telling you that from the bottom of my picky heart, that foregoing this series would be a mistake. Books just don’t get better than this.

With that being said, I’m a little speechless right now and still not over that ending. Thank the good Lord that I have the third book ready and waiting to be read on my Kindle, otherwise I wouldn’t be alive right now. I refuse to give too much away in my review because this book is just too fabulous to spoil- However, I think it’s only fair to give you a little run-down…

A little word of warning first: If you haven’t read the first book yet then I wouldn’t read this review any further… There’s a few minor spoilers!
This book picks up about a year after the first book (The Siren) left off. Nora has moved on physically but her heart is still shattered beyond repair, although it’s obvious that she’s in denial and clearly confused about her true feelings.

Søren on the other hand, is such a commanding presence to say the least. The man is extremely intimidating and equally arrogant but damn it, you just can’t help but love his sadistic ass.

He’s such an honorable, Godly and giving man which just makes him not only more appealing but more intriguing as well. So much was revealed about Søren’s character in this story and I truly felt like I was able to connect on a much deeper level with him emotionally. His relationship with Nora is not only intense, but extremely misunderstood. However, in this book we were finally able to see a deeper side to the feelings these two have for one another which really helped to put a better understanding and perspective on things. Yes, their relationship is extremely unconventional but their bond surpasses any and all kinds of vanilla… Er… Normal relationships out there.

So as I was saying, life is great for Nora and Søren… That is until trouble shows up at Sacred Heart in the form of a bitch who needs to learn to stay away from my man a reporter named Suzanne. Søren is being considered for a promotion to bishop which puts a slight hold on his relationship with Nora- Tie that in with Suzanne receiving an anonymous fax suggesting a conflict of interest involving the good priest and that just spells trouble. In order to deal with all the complications at hand, Søren thinks it’s best to send Nora and Michael away to stay with her close friend Griffin until he can get everything straightened out and their life back in order.
…Remember Griffin and Michael from the first book? Well let me just go ahead and refresh your memory: Griffin is the funny, carefree and gorgeous tattooed play-boy while Michael is the sweet and innocent virgin (Until Nora had her way with him) with low self-esteem issues and a father who deserves to have the shit beat out of him. But that’s neither here nor there… Both characters were introduced briefly in the first installment to this series but we were able to really get to know them on a much deeper level in this book… Something that I enjoyed immensely- It was absolutely impossible not to have a smile on your face when these three got together.

However, being away from Søren is extremely difficult for Nora- She hasn’t left his side since she ran back to him, but spending time with Griffin and Michael lends a helping hand with opening up old memories- She finds that her thoughts constantly stray back to the other most important man in her life; Her best friend. The man who she pushed away in order to keep from continuously hurting him…

I won’t go any further into detail about this story- You’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out what’s in store for all of these characters we’ve grown to love. I will tell you this as a little teaser: A lot of information regarding Søren and Nora’s past comes out in this book and many surprises are revealed as well…

I honest to God can’t rant and rave enough about this book enough- Tiffany Reisz is brilliant… Absolutely brilliant. The woman has a knack for playing with your emotions and really getting you to feel and fall in love with each and every character you’re introduced to. Just a little warning: This book and/or series isn’t for everyone. This story especially deals with some pretty questionable issues and if you’re not willing to go into it with an open mind and open heart then it’s probably not the book for you. With that being said, prepare yourself to be amazed because Tiffany Reisz isn’t afraid to put you through one serious mind-fuck. …Now I’m off to the next book in the series! (The Prince)

★PS: If you’ve yet to read the first book in this series The Siren, I would highly recommend it, as I don’t feel like this story can be read as a stand-alone.

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