Review: Naughty in Norway by Christine Edwards

While studying abroad in Norway for a semester, Vail witnesses a murder. Alreck whisks her away, without her consent, and takes her to his cabin in Northern Norway. She’s strangely attracted to him even though he holds her against her will. He’s mysterious, he dangerous, and he’s HOT!
Vail has no clue why Alreck has kidnapped her. He won’t tell her. He just keeps her captive. Vail tries to escape. It almost takes her life when she fails. After Alreck catches her, he saves her life and keeps her captive.
I enjoyed this story immensely. Christine Edwards writes characters you love. You may want to smack them sometimes for doing stupid stuff, but you still love them. I mean afterall, we all want to smack the ones we love from time to time!
Vail frustrated me a bit. I figured out early on why Alreck took her. I couldn’t see why she didn’t figure it out. But then, I’ve never been in her situation, so I may not have figured it out either. It’s easier when you’re on the outside looking in.
Alreck is the original bad boy. He’s hot, mysterious and while he gives off the bad boy vibe, he’s really quite nice. Just don’t tell him I said so! Alreck would do anything for Vail and he does!
One of the things I really liked about this story was the HEA. It wasn’t an automatic HEA. There was some time and space between Vail and Alreck before they got their HEA. I also like that Vail wasn’t the one that had to give things up to get Alreck. He came after her. A bad boy knight in tarnished armor!

I’m really liking this series. I’m actually not sure it is a series, but it seems like it. None of the stories are related to each other. They just have a central theme running through them! Christine Edwars has managed to make kidnapping HOT!

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