Review: Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor

Worth the Fall is a poignant, heartfelt read. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every page of this book.

Matt and Abby meet under unusual circumstances. The pairing is an unlikely one, and I have to say that I loved it! It was new and original, something that I don’t recall reading. Abby is a strong heroine and Matt is strong by nature, but his temporary leave from the Navy has him questioning many things in his life. They balance each other out well, and the chemistry and connection is there and it cannot be ignored. Each page was beautifully written and held my interest until the end.

The only reason I held back on giving it five stars because of something Abby does near the end. To me, it didn’t fit her character and it really rubbed me the wrong way. I understand why she would be so upset, but I just can’t accept her behavior because Matt was doing what he was supposed to. In that moment, I truly did not like Abby’s character at all.

I’m surprised with this read. I can’t remember there being a time where I loved every character—including the children. Usually baby talk aggravates me and I skim over it, but somehow it just worked in this novel. While at times I did feel like there were too many scenes with the kids, Abby does have four young children so it would make sense for them to be present most of the time. I guess I really can’t complain about that.

Claudia Connor’s debut book is a refreshing, worthy read. I look forward to more of her titles in the future.


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