Review: Crying Wolf By: Rochelle Paige

4 Stars!
Running from her crazy and abusive ex-boyfriend, who is also a cop, Grace knows it will only be a matter of time before he finds her.  So far she has been able to run for months but she needs money and wants to settle down.  She ends up in a town of shifters, the only thing she has no idea that werewolves or shifters period exist.  Luckily, she lands up working for the Alpha of the Black River Pack, who unknown to her is her mate. 
Hunter doesn’t want any non-shifters working in his bar.  When he finds out that his brother hired a human, let’s just say he is far from happy. Well that is until he realizes that she is his mate.  He can sense immediately that she is on the run from danger and will need to take his time with her.  He knows that she wants him too, but he is losing his patience taking things slow.  When her safety is placed at risk he wastes no time claiming Grace for his mate.
I couldn’t put Crying Wolf down once I had started it.  I love shifter books, and to have it be by one of my favorite must reads authors was just another plus in my book.  Hunter and Grace are what each other needs.  Grace needs someone to protect her at all costs, and Hunter needs his mate, add in that she is his destiny and that makes it even better.  The sexual chemistry between these two is explosive and it was only a matter of time before there would be a reaction that had me wishing I was Grace.  Did I mention he is Alpha of his pack?  Yeah for this reviewer that just makes him more panty melting in my opinion. 

Crying Wolf is the first novella in this series and for it being the starting book it is smoking hot, addictive and it leaves you wanting more.  I want the next one now.  You are introduced to who the next couple is and I am anxiously waiting to see how it plays out.  Shifter fans, Rochelle Paige fans, and anyone looking for a quick steamy read will not be disappointed with Crying Wolf.

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